Ahead of their gig at The Gathering in May, Kim Carnie of Mànran answers a few questions for IGigs.

We don’t want to dwell too much on the C-word, but has there been anything positive that can be taken from the past couple of years for you music?

While we lost all of our live work, lockdown gave so many people the opportunity to sit back and think about what is important to them, how they want to spend their time, what they want to create. We all had the opportunity to write, to create new work. As a band, when the law allowed, we finished off our album ‘Ùrar’ – the first album with the new line up. 

We saw a review for ‘Ùrar’ where it concluded “simply fabulous first chapter in the saga of Mànran mark II.”, how do you feel about the response to the album released late in 2021?

We are delighted with the new album and the new sound – we’ve had an incredible response to the release. And are looking forward to a summer filled with festivals to play the new material. 

The Celtic Connections gig seemed to be a bit epic, how was the gig for you and how does that pave the way for 2022?

It was epic – the Fruitmarket is such a special venue. Glasgow audiences are always incredible – but there was something really great in the air again. It was one of the first big gigs since lockdown and you could feel that excitement in the room. 

If you had to abandon your current genre and recreate yourselves in a totally different guise, what type of music would it be and why? 

I think the answer to this would be very different depending on which Mànran member you asked. For me, I would love to be in pop. Mainly for the dancing on stage. Sigrid and Maggie Rogers are my personal heroes. 

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