LIVE REVIEW – Forgetting the Future, 29/1/2022

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Forgetting the Future , with support from Katie Gregson-MacLeod and The Clampdown, at Madhatters, Inverness.

The excitement was real – my first time back in Madhatters since Covid hit, and the energy in there on Saturday night told me that I wasn’t the only one feeling it. It seemed from the minute I entered that everyone was delighted to finally be there.

First up was the lovely Katie Gregson-MacLeod, an artist who somehow gets better every time I listen. She played a chill, acoustic set made up of her own originals including latest single Games I Play, and the perhaps more quirky Ted Bundy, which in the words of Katie “needs an explanation” before being played. Unfortunately, due to the excitement of everyone being back at the venue, that explanation may not have been heard by many – jokes on those who were startled when the out-of-context lyrics were performed. Saying that, by the end of the set the audience were very much captivated by both Katie and her music. It’s really hard not to be.

The next support act of the night was a band I had never heard of before, but am very glad I have now been introduced to. The Clampdown had me dancing from their first song to their last. They had it all – a set filled with a range of music (from rock to Funkadelic), perfectionism (and when a riff wasn’t perfect, it was performed again) and humorous chat (like blaming poor Tom on bass for not meeting said perfection – it’s okay, Tom, I thought you did great). A special shout-out goes to the intro that samples Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s theme song. What a striking addition to an already very engaging set.

When Forgetting The Future joined the stage, the crowd seriously went wild. The boys did a flower-themed wardrobe change, while some hardcore fans decided they themselves didn’t need any tops on at all. As I was standing near the back of the venue, I had some view of these particular fans enjoying both Forgetting The Future’s classic and latest hits. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t genuinely concerned that heads would be flying off from all the headbanging taking place. Maybe if I’d had that one more gin I would have been up there joining in….

The song I knew the most from the set was Cymru, and what a pleasure it was to finally hear it live. The song definitely did not have the same vibe as their other tunes, but I think that made even more of an impact. It was only Robbie, his acoustic guitar, a very lovely song….and only a sold-out crowd swaying along.

I also love a song you can sing along to at a gig despite only learning it that night – a song so catchy and snappy that you find yourself singing it all week after. Inhaler was this song for me. I’m mentally singing it as I write this. I literally can’t stop.

Another great song was (I think) called Small Town Syndrome. Upon attempting to listen to the lyrics in more detail, I couldn’t find the song in their Spotify discography (please correct me if I’m wrong though!). I thought it was so interesting to write a song about that small town mentality some of us in the Highlands know all too well. It’s obvious the band write music based on what they know – and I always admire that in artists. Though in this case, I’m sure their loyal fan base travelling from Thurso for their Inverness gig (definitely worth it) proves there is good in being a musician destined for big things, while living in a small town. 

The crowd started chanting “ONE MORE SONG!” when there were still a good three or four more songs to play. This was not because the audience wanted it to end – quite the opposite. I reckon they would have stayed there headbanging all night if they could.

I just really hope their necks were alright the next day.

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Morna Ross
Morna Ross
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