High Wire – Who are you? #29

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We introduce you to High Wire and ask them a few question ahead of their performance at Rock Factor: Back to the 90’s, Ironworks, Inverness

Tell us about you?

We are High Wire consisting of Liam Shearer on vocals and guitar, Scott Thorburn on bass guitar, Iain Fishenden on drums and Adam Nielsen on lead guitar Liam : I got Into music because of my family, my dad also played guitar and I had wanted to play guitar in a band ever since I was little.
Scott: I began to learn guitar as I had heard the likes of AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses and I wanted to be able to play an instrument like them. After I had been learning guitar for only 2 months Liam asked me to play bass in his band and that’s when I really fell in love with playing an instrument.
I started to play drums because we couldn’t find anyone else. After a while I started to really enjoy it and wanted to continue to learn more through videos online.
Adam: I started playing guitar because I grew up with my dad who was front-man in a band and taught me the basics, from there I went to school and practiced and got better at playing to the point I wanted to perform as part of a band and continue to hone my craft.

What’s your music about ? 

Our music has indie/punk mixed with 70s\80s rock sound which is influenced by many different styles and bands, from blink 182 to Arctic Monkeys and way back to the likes of AC/DC and Iron Maiden.

What are your first three songs on your set-list? 

The first 3 songs in our set are:
Phase Days
The first song ‘Phase Days’ is up beat and high energy the perfect choice for us to open our gigs with. These next two songs have a more serious focus as ‘Crutches’ focuses on working through the struggle of mental health problems and ‘Memories’ is about the loss of someone close to you, speaking of the ‘memories’ from before they had passed.

If you were able to steal one song from any act and claim it for yourself, which one would it be? 

If we could steal one song from another artist it would have to be Misery Business by Paramore, the song is so energetic throughout with its catchy riffs and incredible vocals.


What’s next? 

This year we are recording and releasing our debut EP. We are all very excited about this as we’ve wanted to do it since the band was formed. It will feature four of our original tracks. We’ve been waiting too long to make this and we can’t wait till it’s out!

Where can we catch you?

Although we do not have any gigs lined up currently as we are working hard on making our EP possible. You can catch the latest about us on our facebook or instagram page. High Wire @highwire • Instagram photos and videos

The Malts play Rock Factor: Back to the 90’s, Ironworks, Inverness on the 6th of April, 2019.

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