Billy Mitchell – Interview

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Ahead of their gig at the Porch Sessions, Raigmore Motel in December, Billy Mitchell chats to  IGigs.

What are your thoughts on the Dundee music scene at the moment, and what do you think the scene needs to push it forward?

The Dundee music scene is a weird one for me in recent years. The talent that comes out of here is scary. Different level at times BUT it seems to lack the drive of the punters coming out now. Dundee is mad on cover gigs and I can totally see why.. You know the songs, The bands get paid very handsomely, Its busy, The venue makes money.. Thats business I guess but its always great when the local gigs rip it up every so often !!

Where does the heart of your music and sound come from?

The Beatles. Always The Beatles. Always good to put a sprinkle of pop feel on a number eh?

What drives you forward with your music?

Do you know what I really don’t even know. I just fucking love playing music. I love writing music. I love meeting new people. Tell ya what Ive met some characters by playing music thats for sure!! Its memories I have experienced that not a lot of folk get to and no one will ever take that away from me regardless what folk think of my tunes.

You are ending 2018 with a busy period of gigging, how has the year treated you in general, and what do you hope 2019 brings for you?

Yeah I hit it pretty hard there was good but I need to remind myself im not 19 any more haha!! 2019 is the year of da album babbyyyyyyy.

You have been teasing new material on your social media, how are you feeling about the new tunes?

The same as I feel about all the tunes.. Nervous, Ecstatic, Freaking, and then the worry .. What if the person its about actually gets it and realizes its about them? Be right in the bad books.

Matt Hickman of Brownbear described you as his “favourite artist of all time”, how do you manage praise like that?

Brownbear is BAE 4e4.

You have a history of touring with various stalwarts of the Scottish scene, what;s your favourite story about life on the road?

Hmmmm. I dunno thats a hard one. Ive been lucky to play some amazing places from Record stores to Arenas. I guess chilling with Liam G back stage was a highlight ?? I honestly cant think of much any appropriate stories I can share haha

What is taking you up to Inverness on a dark December night?

Frazer at The Porch Sessions had asked me back after the last gig I done for him. This time rocking it full band of course.. Plus I love the whisky!!

The Porch Sessions Live Music Night is at The Raigmore Motel, Inverness on Saturday 8th December at 7.00pm. Also on the bill are Park Circus, The Oxides and Lauren MacKenzie. Entry is free.

Details of The Porch Sessions can be found here.

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