LIVE REVIEW – Sofar Sounds, 18/6/2018

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Sofar Sessions  at Jammy Piece, Inverness.

When Sofar Sessions make it in to your city, you must go!

Sofar had always been consistent in putting only quality music for those attending the session. It was the 3rd time for Sofar in Inverness on the 18thof June.

“How is it different from any other music gigs?”, for those not familiar with it, I can explain! First off the artists as well as the hosts and those, willing to witness the performance, have to go through registration and application process. If you get accepted as a guest, you will be able to purchase the ticket but will not know the venue until the day before.

The amazing acts you get to witness will be revealed to you only on the day of the actual performance. With that said… music lovers will have to rely only on the love of ANY music in ANY venue and put the trust in to Sofar.

When the day finally arrived I found out that the gig will be held in a pretty new coffee shop called Jammy Piece on Telford street. Selection of locally sourced coffees and cakes and smiley faces of the attendees and organizers set a great vibe for the upcoming gig.

I was pleasantly surprised with the folk acts of the night which fit perfectly for the venue and atmosphere of a sunny evening. First act was trio of fiddle, pipes and classic guitar. Jamie –fiddle, Christian – Austrian piper and Jack on the guitar where all smiles and seemed to have fun playing together.

Next up was Rachel Sermanni from Carrbridge. Rachel had just returned to playing after giving birth to baby Rosa . Despite the fact it was one of her first shows since the arrival of Rosa, her act was well rehearsed, voice was angelic and lyrics well remembered. She was playing guitar for the most part of her set but had help from our third act of the night – trio from Boston USA called Corner House.

Why “Corner House”? I would guess that its because they share the house in Boston where they write all of their songs…and…well… most likely it’s on the corner of the street?

You can certainly find that out if you look in to the band and do the homework! And what’s more importantly, you will dive in to lovely blend of guitar, mandolin and fiddle sounds and fall in love with the Scottish infused American folk music.

Lesson I learned is that we should be opened to unexpected, unexplored and different. It might surprise you. Just like Sofar surprised me!

The next gig is on the 20th of July, you can get more detail here.

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