The Van T’s – Interview

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Ahead of their gig at Tooth & Claw in February, The Van T’s chats to IGigs.

The Van T’s have a sound that can’t help but impress, “Surf-pop” if you like a genre, awesome if you don’t. Not shy of a visit to the Highlands (Belladrum, Xpo, Brew at the Bog etc etc) they return once more to the Tooth and Claw and we needed to have a few words with them.

This year marks your half decade as a band, if you could go back in time ala Bill and Ted to speak to your younger selves, what would you say?

Joanne (bass) : Be more confident and stop looking at your feet.
Shaun (drums): Cheer up and get a drum rug!

You have often quoted Kate Bush, First Aid Kit and Wolf Alice as influences, what non-musical influences impact on your sound?

Joanne: I find seeing other musicians in the scene progress and releasing new material really inspiring actually, I’d definitely say that impacted me personally. I know it’s not exactly non-musical, but that’s what you’re getting.

Shaun: People I meet, places I see and all that I consume.

You recently posted a tweet, “We’re not a female band, just a band. Band will do. Thanks”, what was the motivation behind that?

Joanne: I believe it had something to do with being constantly referred to as a “female band”

A recent interview described you as having “grungy and Libertine-like live shows.” Is that a fair description? Where does the energy for live gigs come from?

Joanne: We really feed off one another when it comes to our energy on stage. We just love performing with each other and I think that comes across.

Shaun: All those non-musical influences that we touched on earlier, one or two musical ones as well.

Bitter Sweet and Fresh Meat both have very impressive videos, albeit for different reasons, how important is the visual presentation of your music?

Joanne: I’m a real sucker for music videos and visuals. Plus, music videos are a ton of fun to shoot (Shaun might disagree with me on that)

Shaun: One was certainly a lot more work than the other!

The Van T’s are certainly moving away from the Scottish comfort zone, how difficult is it for the band to reach out to new audiences?

Joanne: When we’re playing a new city for the first time, especially after coming from busier shows at home it can sometimes be a bit strange, but I kinda enjoy those more intimate shows from time to time.

Shaun: Some cities are harder than others when you’re playing there for the first few times but in general it’s not always as tough as you might think – the internet helps!

The Van T’s plays Tooth & Claw on February the 24th. Tickets available on line here.


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