Cobalt Launch New Video – EXCLUSIVE

Cobalt unleash “Bourbon Nightmares” ahead of their gig at Ironwork in February.

With COBALT’s EP launch fast approaching we caught up with them as they collectively shared their thoughts on the night and gave us an exclusive first look at their accompanying video to the title track ‘Bourbon Nightmares’.

IGigs: Having watched the video it seemed like so much fun to make. Where did the idea come from for it?

COBALT: The video was a blast to make! The idea branched off of one of our earlier concepts which involved a group of friends heading out to town and going out on the lash, then a close friend of ours who we let hear the track said it has a total guitar hero feel to it, and as soon as we heard that ideas were jumping out at us. Then on the day we kind of mashed those two things to come up with the finished items, with some generous lashings of the video for “Before I Forget” by Slipknot, of which we’re all big fans of and we fancied paying homage to.

IGigs: Did Guitar hero play any part in your early inspiration to be musicians?

COBALT: Guitar hero most certainly played a part in our younger years as musicians, especially Dylan and Ken, it was one of those games you could get lost in for hours feeling like you were rocking out on stage with all its iconic tracks! Finnbar (our drummer) also absolutely cannot play the drums in Guitar Hero and it drives him mental!

IGigs: In terms of song choice was there much discussion over which song would be the lead track on the EP?

COBALT: For the EP we chose Bourbon Nightmares as it has always been one we’ve had a blast playing live, and it was the track that made us say “that’s our sound! This is COBALT” we’ve loved this song since day one and it was a no brainer for us to pick this as the title track!

IGigs: So who is the star in your video?

COBALT: We want to make special mention of our mate Andy who graciously “agreed”/was tricked into being on our video! Also…a warning to all those making a video like this – make sure your mate’s missus knows he’s going to be drinking for it, she was not best pleased when we sent him home drunk!

IGigs: Finally with just over a week until your show at the Ironworks how are you feeling as it gets closer to the night?

COBALT: The show is so close now and while there are nerves flying around in the air, it’s all any of us can think about right now and we can’t wait to get up on that stage and give it our all on the night! Seeing so many bands in the ironworks as we’ve grown up makes this a special moment for all of us to be playing at this venue! And we hope it kickstarts more local shows happening there regularly too!

Cobalt’s Bourbon Nightmares EP launch is on the 10th February at the Ironworks in Inverness

Tickets available here

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