We take a look at what the Belladrum weather maybe looking like for the 2017 festival.

With the start of Belladrum now less than 24 hours away there is the one metaphoric cloud which hangs over the festival before the start and that is the weather forecast. First it’s the long term forecasts and the promise of temperatures in the 30s which never materialise and then it’s the swing from sunshine and showers to sunshine, to showers, to heavy clouds and then back to sunshine and showers as the week progresses. But now we are on the eve of the festival and there must be a little more clarity in the meteorologist’s crystal ball.

As I cast my mind back to last year’s weather I strangely had very little recollection of it. Why? I asked myself. The reason was probably that it actually didn’t matter. When you are surrounded by good friends, great music and the best festival atmosphere it does tend to fall down the list. But we all do remember the year that the site was flooded at the end of the final night though…

Yes, a forecast. You want one one? We’ve got one. Others are available for those that like to hedge their bets…

Amateur weatherman Windy Wilson’s first tweet about Belladrum was optimistic;

Whilst his second did not promise much good weather for festival goers on Thursday night wanting to catch Sister Sledge and the other main stage acts, indeed it might signal a quick retreat to the tents;

The BBC website, for Thursday, is not currently reporting any thunder, but certainly overcast throughout the day with periods of rain in the morning til about nine, in the afternoon and again at night. Winds will reach 8 mph between 4pm and six.

For Friday the Belladrum weather will be rain free for most of the day, with clearer skies and a top temperature of 16 degrees. Saturday will see a bit more rain, throughout the day, with it easing off for Franz Ferdinand’s closing headline slot.

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