Mia Mackintosh, 7/6/2017 – Review

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Mia Mackintosh performing on the Feis Rois stage at XpoNorth 2017, at Penta Hotel, Inverness.

I hadn’t seen fellow Nairnite Mia Mackintosh perform in a long time and I regret leaving it so long. She had massively improved since the last time I saw her (and the last time I saw her she was also amazing). This was the first time Mia would play an all original set and we soon realised Mia didn’t need any covers to engage the audience. The passion and emotion in her voice was more authentic than most of the artists currently in the charts.

After listening to Mia’s EP ‘Society’, I was very excited to hear my favourite song from it; ‘I will be good’. Even though in the EP the song has an orchestra to add to the drama, Mia didn’t need it when singing live; all she needed was her and her guitar to have the audience stunned. I didn’t want the song to end, but knew the songs to come were not going to disappoint.

I was so impressed when Mia said she had written a song recently (the day before the gig!) and had decided to perform it on the night. From an audience’s perspective it was as though she had known the song for years. If you’re reading this Mia, please, for everyone’s sake, upload or release the song so we can all enjoy it again.

Last but not least the gig was enjoyed by many. If not because of the cosy venue and perfect sound, it was because Mia engages with the audience with her confidence and has strong stage presence, making it easy for the audience to enjoy her singer/songwriter style of music.

I would strongly recommend seeing mia live whenever you can. All access to Mia’s youtube and EP will be on her Facebook page ‘Mia Mackintosh Music‘ (you know it’s going to be worth it just by the alliteration).

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Morna Ross
Morna Ross
A media student from Nairn. Currently based in Aberdeen but coming back home for gigs isn’t exactly a chore! I’m not the most musically gifted person ever, but that hasn’t stopped me from reviewing the extremely talented local musicians on Inverness Gigs……yet.

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