Interview with Steve Robertson of Rock N Wrestle

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Ahead of Wrestlefest 2017 at Ironworks in February, Steve Robertson of Rock N Wrestle answers a few questions from IGigs.

Steve Robertson is the Chief Operating Officer of Rock N Wrestle, a wrestling promotion company based in the Highlands of Scotland, who has put on events throughout the Highlands including an extremely popular wrestling line-up at Belladrum festival for the past three years.

We caught up with Steve prior to the next event, Wrestlefest 2017 which will feature Jack Jester defending the RNW Highland Championship against the former champion Bad Boy Liam Thomson.

We recall the fading ambers of Big Daddy etc on ITV, what was your first memory of wrestling?

I first saw WWE then WWF when I was 12 and was blown away by the bright colourful characters as well as the drama and action.

Wrestling has recently returned to ITV, what do you think has forced this resurgence in support of it?

Companies like ICW, PCW and Progress Wrestling have ignited the UK scene and it was only a matter of time before the likes of ITV and the WWE Network recognised this.

For you, what is the reason behind your passion for wrestling?

Wrestling for me has always been pure escapism, something to forget about the outside world and suspend reality.

 Given your differing roles, is there a natural link between music and wrestling?

Rock N Wrestle was put together to combine two of my greatest passions Rock music and Wrestling, we have had guest bands play at our events however Wrestling in the states has had appearances from everyone from Cyndi Lauper to KORN to Alice Cooper to Kid Rock so there is a long connection between the two.

Your forthcoming event at the Ironworks boasts a great deal of action, what is the match and/or matches you are most looking forward to?

There is a certain amount of excitement about new stars such as Ravie Davie (who promised to rename the company Rave N Wrestle!) and The Purge coming through whilst we are lucky enough to have the likes of Jack Jester, BT Gunn, Kid Fite and Liam Thomson return – The rematch for the title between Liam Thomson and Jack Jester should be a huge highlight.

Have you ever been tempted to take to the ring in a more front of house role, if you did what would be your name ?

I’ve never been tempted to take to the ring ever! If I did my name would most likely be Beaten Senseless!

Why should people head along to the forthcoming Rock N Wrestle?

We promise a night of action, laughter and pure enjoyment! So many people come to me and say they brought their kids not expecting to enjoy the show then they see it live and they (sometimes) end getting more emotionally involved than the kids!

Wrestlefest 2017 happens at Ironworks, Inverness on the 10 th of February.


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