Blown Away by Adams?

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Bryan Adams at Montrose Links, 7/8/2016. A Review.

With the Montrose Links looking as beautiful as it always does, despite the blustery winds and occasional rain, it would take a triumphant performance by legendary Canadian rocker Bryan Adams to allow the focus to remain on the music.

Montrose had played to the sense of occasion, as they had done with Madness last year, the pubs were busy and the crowds formidable despite the aforementioned weather. Spirits were high regardless of the announcement half an hour before Adams took to the stage, that the events bars had been closed on the grounds of health and safety.

Excitement was tangible on the Links aided with the first sights of the Adams suited and booted accompanied by his equally handsome band exiting a luxury car minutes before the gig.

Of course this was crowd karaoke near its best, “Let’s waken the neighbours” Adams encouraged the crowd at one point, who couldn’t resist belting out the tracks from ‘Run to You’ to ‘Please Forgive Me’ and every other hit in between. There is no abandoning the classics, this is as it should be, a hit packed set aimed squarely at entertaining his fans.

The rock n roll gesturing of Adams, joined by his fellow guitarists, for ‘Kids Wanna Rock’ strumming at the centre of the stage certainly emphasised the fun that was being had on the stage. Off the stage it was getting emotional as the girl beside me started crying while Adams sung ‘Summer of 69’. It was affecting others differently, “I’m here for you Bryan” yelled another woman, “She’s here for you” encouraged her boyfriend, I suspect, latterly.

Adams first gig of the year was at the televised Hogmanay celebrations at London Towers, I do wonder if he did think that this would be his preferred venue tonight given the wind and as the temperature reduced.

The temperature did play a significant part in the chat with the crowd, “Feels good, but feels cold” he said earlier on, adding to the lyric, “winds will come and winds will go” with, “that’s for sure”. His wry humour certainly helped warm spirits.

Finishing the set with ‘The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You’, it is Adams that returns for the majority of the encore on his own with a seven song acoustic set, the spotlight (literally as the night drew in) firmly placed on Adams.

Another impressive gig by all involved, despite the challenges that the weather had brought.

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