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We chat with singer-song writer Lucy Spraggan ahead of her Ironworks gig in February.

How does it feel to hear that the forthcoming tour is selling out at quite a pace?

It’s fantastic to see tickets selling so well, it’s the first time in a while I’ve been out on the road without my full band so you always wonder how it’ll do. It’s great to know people want to come and see me do my thing on my own.

You have talked about the evolving nature and “maturing” of your music over time, which seemed to be echoed by the snippet of the new track ‘Home’, how do you view your earlier material now?

I still love it, it takes me back to where I was at that time, just as the new stuff is a reflection of where I am now. It’s natural to evolve but it doesn’t mean you leave the old stuff behind. I’ll be playing a lot of the old stuff on this tour as well as the new stuff.

We were listening to a debate about the relevance of record labels now, given that you have started your own label and have success in the release of ‘We are’ what do you think are the pros and cons of the major labels?

There are obviously loads of benefits to having a major label. Having that support means a whole world of marketing spend and you can reach more people and get the word out there. You can speculate more to accumulate. Realising my second record on my own was tougher in terms of getting it out there, but obviously the rewards were higher.

Given your track record of success on music talent shows, you ever fancy being a judge/coach on one of the shows?

It’s not something I think about too much. I was recently a guest mentor on a songwriting challenge on a show for CBBC, which was a lot of fun and it was great to see some talented young musicians. I could never see myself on the XFactor or The Voice though!

Do keep an eye on new and emerging music, if so which new acts do you most enjoy at the moment?

I listen a lot to a guy from New Orleans called Andrew Duhon, he’s amazing. He’s fairly established over there but not so much over here. He has a couple of records out and they’re so, so good. There’s also a young girl called Lola Young I have doing a few support shows with me on this tour, she’s only 15 but is a great talent for the future.

So, what’s next for Lucy? Do you plan to release under your own label or will there be another label on board this time?

Who knows! We’ll look at all options and see what’s out there. I’ve proved it’s possible to release on my own so as long as the fans are there then whatever happens I’m happy.

Are you looking forward to coming back to Inverness?

I can’t wait for this show. I did Belladrum a few years ago and it was so good. It’s been great to see tickets selling well for the IronWorks show so I’m looking forward to coming back to the area.

Tickets (still! grab ’em quick) available for Lucy’s gig at the Ironworks on the 17th of February

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