Tide, Rising?

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Rising Tide are Inverness four piece featuring Joseph, Damo, Rob, Dylan and Rhunne. They are building up a bit of momentum  which has seen them play Lossiemouth’s Wall of Rock and supported bands including Fallen Riot , Yossarian and Donnie Willow. With their sound evolving, we thought it was a great opportunity to catch the lads and ask them a few questions;

For the uninitiated can you tell us about the band and how you came together?

We formed in early February of this year, Dylan and Damien have been in bands together before this and picked up Joseph and Rhunne while they were busking in middle of Inverness and haven’t looked back.

Your facebook page uses the genre “Alternative Rock with indie influences”, how difficult is it to classify yourselves and how did you come to a decision about it?

We originally formed as a metal band and the music developed naturally into the unique sound we have today we still aren’t sure about what genre we are so have decided to just to continue developing our sound as it works for us.

You have quite a few covers in your repertoire, do they give a hint as to the bands you guys prefer and are influenced by?

To an extent our covers represent what bands influence us but are not representative of the band as a whole they are more used as crowd pleasers at gigs, we are slowly removing covers from our set list and replacing it with original material.

Can you tell us a bit about your original material, how your music is created?

All our songs come from past experiences as cryptic as some may seem, lyrics are generally written first followed by music.

Given that the band is relatively young, can you tell me what have been your highlights as a band and what makes a good gig for you?

Playing alongside some amazing under rated bands is definitely a highlight for us, and it’s always nice when the crowd like our material. There have been a few other highlights such as being featured in the Highland News and on the Lantern of the North Facebook page. Our first gig away from Inverness is up there too.

What song (s) best represent you now and why?

Our original song ‘Brothers in Amps’ definitely represents our band.

What are your ambitions for Rising Tide in the long run?

Continue gigging around Scotland, start recording and develop more as musicians.

What gigs and plans do you have for the remainder of the year?

Confirm a date for a diabetes UK charity gig and hit the studio and release our EP.

Keep track of Rising Tide via their Facebook page.

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