The LaFontaines on the the Crabbies Hothouse Stage at Belladrum 2015, 07/8/2015. A review.

The LaFontaines 92 300x200 - The la, the la, The LaFontaines!
The LaFontaines feeding off the crowd, click the image for more photos.

The Crabbies Hothouse Stage got a bit crazy for The LaFontaines on Friday. It’s been two years since the Font boys played at Belladrum and things have really moved forward for them since then.

Their debut album Class came out in June this year and reached number 10 on the Scottish Album Charts and 98 on the UK charts within the first week of release. As they pointed out on stage, this is an incredible achievement for a self promoted band who only formed in 2010 and they have their wide and varied fan base to thank for their success.


In appreciation of the fantastic year they’ve had so far, they treated us to a mental set. The band’s unique style of hip hop and pop combined with Kerr Okan’s enthusiasm and passion as a frontman always makes for an incredible performance. I’ve always been impressed by the way Okan has the crowd in the palm of his hand, I’ve never been to a Fonts gig where the whole place wasn’t bouncing.

DSC 06831 300x200 - The la, the la, The LaFontaines!
Kerr at the Bothy Sessions later in the day – click for more pictures

The band have moved away from their older songs towards their new album material which granted, has a much tighter sound, with John Gerard frequently singing big pop chorus’ that the crowd can shout along with.

These chorus’ perfectly balance out Kerr’s gritty hip hop versus’. As the set came to the end Okan jumped into the crowd for perhaps the first stage dive of Belladrum 2015.[clear-line]

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