LaFontaines Move on

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We make no secrets that we are huge LaFontaines fans that have seen us follow the Motherwell band’s continuing growth over the last few years.

We last caught up with John Gerard from the band before they played Belladrum 2013, but with their gig at The Spectrum looming and 2015 promising (even more) big things for the guys, it was time to catch up with the again;

Bfest 902 300x200 - LaFontaines Move on
John Gerard of The LaFontaines at BFest 2013

You must be getting bored of questions about the album, but given that it’s been so long in the making, how are you feeling about it now? and what details can you give us about it? (Sorry just like every other fan really keen to get our paws on it :))

I get just as excited about letting people hear it as I did when we sat in the studio tracking it last year – it’ll be so satisfying to finally getting it out there for people to enjoy. I can’t give you any details on it yet, but good things come to those who wait (for ages).

With lots of love for the new track ‘Castles’ at the King Tuts gig, can you tell us a bit about the process of creating new material comes about for you guys?

To this day, we still lack an actual process; sometimes it’ll be a notepad with scribbles, other times I’ll hum a melody into my phone as a reminder, occasionally we sit in the studio and work through a loop or two until it fleshes out.

If we had a set process we’d be on album no.15 by now, but there you go.

The LaFontaines 10 300x200 - LaFontaines Move on
The band at The Ironworks

We can’t remember a gig where it felt that you were cruising or taking it easy, the live shows always feel as if you give 100% is that difficult to maintain? and what motivates you before each show?

We love playing live and I think it shows, I don’t think any of us would say it felt difficult to maintain at all, it’s a pleasure. Personally, I get really motivated by power ballads and rubbish sandwiches (listen to Heart – Alone while eating a cheese n onion Frisps sandwich and you’ll see what I mean).

We loved reading about your experiences in New York, are there any plans to return to the States?

There are 100% plans to return to the States, purely because I forgot to visit the Statue of Liberty last time. In my defence, everyone says it’s shite.

At the recent King Tuts show you “retired” some of your older tracks, what was the thinking behind that? and do you think there are some tracks that are er “un-retireable”?

As a band with a developing dynamic, we just felt the older tracks weren’t fit for purpose anymore. Everything can be retired – you don’t want to be that band that is compelled to play the same song forever, that would be the worst.

With an admirable collection of gigs, festival performances and fans what are the goals for The LaFontaines in 2015?

It’s all top secret and will be revealed along with the album release date, just you keep yer peepers peeled over the next month!

The LaFontaines play The Spectrum Centre on the 20th of March. with support from ATLAS, Audio Jar and Yolo Toure (DJ set). Tickets are available online.

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