Onward with Pride

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An interview with Prides ahead of their gig at The Ironworks in February.

The band debuted at Brew at the Bog in 2013 and have since unleashed their brand of electronica, or “Scotronica” possibly, with an un-relentlessness fervor. Aided of course by an ability to create addictive songs that sound massive in scope.

2014 was a big year for the band which included sharing a stage with Kylie, whilst also have a song licensed to the Fifa franchise, the future is bright for Prides. We caught up with the band to talk about their evolution to one of Scotland’s hottest new bands, touring and their debut album among many other things.

PRIDES MIKE MASSARO 4 300x200 - Onward with Pride
Photo by Mike Massaro
We were lucky enough to catch you at the Old Bridge Inn on New Years Day, it felt like a great way to finish off 2014 what were the most important landmarks for the band in the year?

We really have had an amazing year. Stand outs have been headlining the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds, hitting up SXSW in Texas, playing at the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony, supporting Blink 182 at Brixton Academy, and selling out our first UK Headline Tour.

You’ll have a lot of observers given the number of “Ones to watch for 2015” descriptions you’ve been given, what are the elements that make you so popular with people?

No idea! We just try and write the best songs we can, play the best shows we can, and hope people enjoy it. It’s been amazing to see people start to connect with the music, and we’ve had some incredible support this year.

February sees you with six dates in a week (the tour kicks off in Inverness and finishes in Shefield via London), how do you cope with the strains of touring?

We’re old hats these days! We want to make sure we deliver the best show we can every night, so we try not to party too hard, to varying levels of success. We know how lucky we are to be able to do this at all, so we just try and enjoy ourselves.

What music inspires you guys and what are your guilty pleasures when it comes to your music collection?

All kinds of stuff inspires us. We’re all pop junkies, and there’s no guilty pleasures where we’re concerned. From Abba to Jimmy Eat World. The Cure to The Postal Service. Taylor Swift to Tears for Fears. Anything goes.

Prides 1 200x300 - Onward with Pride
Prides at Brew at the Bog 2013
Given that you are asked about the album sooo much in interviews how important is the reception to the forthcoming album for the band?

We’re excited for people to hear it. We’ve been working hard to make sure that it’s as good as it can be, so fingers crossed people take to it.

We caught your debut at Brew at the Bog, and whilst an impressive first gig did you anticpate that things would move at such a pace?

Definitely not, it’s been a mad year and a half! It’s funny to look back at everything that has happened, how much we managed to achieve. We’ve just tried to work hard, and take advantage of every opportunity.

What do you think prevails with Prides; method or madness and why?

One is no fun without the other. We’re definitely pretty methodical in the way that we write and record, but being creative always involves a little madness.

World domination can’t be far off for the band if the momentum continues, what would be the Prides manifesto?

Work hard, play harder.

Prides with support from Flyte and Alice Bentley play The Ironworks on the 5th of February. Tickets can be purchased online.

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