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We speak to another act playing Strathpeffer Pavilion’s Yule Gig, Dingwall based singer song writer Jake Cameron.

You are having a busy end to the year, with a selection of gigs and even an appearance on Monster FM, what have the highlights of 2014 been?

2014 has been a brilliant year for me with regards to music!

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“I’ve got a lot of things going on currently so new lyrics and ideas for songs are coming every day!”
I had my first piece of radio play on Monster FM as you say and that was really something special for me. Just to have one of my songs recorded and knowing someone else would actually be hearing it was awesome! I also had the privilege of recording a demo at Blackwater Studios in October and the guys there were excellent to work with, it was some experience. I have George Gamble especially to thank for that!

I’ve had some pretty cool gigs in 2014 including making my Inverness debut but definitely the one that stands out most for me was a charity gig in Dingwall Town Hall. The crowd were.. excitable? You could say? But to have them singing along and singing your lyrics back to you is really something indescribable!

Overall I’m blown away with the response I’ve received after only starting to perform last year and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support I’ve received!

How does music fit into your life at the moment, and how do you see that changing in the future?

At the moment music is really something on the side. It’s something I enjoy doing immensely and if anyone else enjoys it then that’s an added bonus for me! Work and studying has to take priority for the minute but I’ll always make time in the day to pick up the guitar and have a little jam.

What can you tell us about the material you are recording at the moment?

I’ve got a lot of things going on currently so new lyrics and ideas for songs are coming every day! The material is relatively similar to my previous stuff but I feel I’m learning and improving each day and the slight changes I’m making are adding to the sound.

I’ve only recently managed to have one of my older songs properly recorded but being in the recording studio and all the processes taken was something I found really interesting and I can’t wait to get in again.

With covers as varied as Frightened Rabbit to Sam Smith, does this give an indicator as to your musical influences?

I honestly think I have the weirdest music taste. I’ve taken bits and pieces from all over the place! My parents listen to the likes of Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and Fleetwood Mac but then they also enjoy Al Stewart and James Taylor. Whereas my sisters would listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Greenday! So it’s fair to say I’ve had a wide (and loud) range of music growing up.

As for me, I’m really influenced by the superb bands that are coming out of Scotland at the moment. Fatherson, Twin Atlantic and Admiral Fallow have all grabbed my attention recently but I have always been a huge fan of Frightened Rabbit. I think their Pedestrian Verse album has been on repeat ever since it was released!

What are your hopes for your music career in 2015?

I don’t think I’d call it a career! But I haven’t really put much thought into 2015 as I just love playing wherever and whenever right now. Playing at one of the local festivals would be something I’d like to do though. My first gig was playing at the amaSing Festival in Strathpeffer and I had a lot of fun there. I went to Brew at the Bog for the first time this year and although very wet was one of the best festivals I’ve been to, the atmosphere was incredible! So yeah, a festival performance would be something I could hope for in 2015!

How does it feel to be playing Strathpeffer Pavilion?

SO AWESOME. My Granddad played there with the Melotones the night they outsold the Beatles who were playing in Dingwall Town Hall, so I’m delighted to play where he would’ve done! Not to mention all the other acts that have played there like Twin Atlantic, Dougie Maclean and the Kaiser Chiefs. It’ll really be a great experience!

Any other bands that you are looking forward to hearing at Yule Gig?

I’m pals with a lot of the other acts playing at Yule Gig like the Ragazzi, Autumn Sun and Alice so I’m really looking forward to hearing them. I was always a fan of the Rites and Robin’s band Dionysius so I think Robin and Rory will put on an excellent set! I’ve heard both Sean Stuart and MIR play in the Greenhouse in Dingwall so I know they’ll definitely be worth seeing as well. I just hope I can get round everyone!

Santa is feeling generous this year, what would you like?

If he could lend me an elf to help write my interviews that could be handy!

You can keep track of Jake via Facebook.

Tickets for Yule Gig are available online and via the button below
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