Loopallu 2014 Day 2 – Pictures

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Saturday saw an equally eclectic line-up with a few well known faces including Nineties Brit-poppers Shed Seven and the enigmatic Alabama 3 mixed up with new acts bursting with potential.

Vigo Thieves 1 530x353 - Loopallu 2014 Day 2 - Pictures
Vigo Thieves – fresh from their visit to Inverness, Vigo Thieves take a trip on up the A835 to open today’s proceedings with their own brand of anthemic indie pop.
Kim Churchill 2 530x353 - Loopallu 2014 Day 2 - Pictures
Kim Churchill – Traveling just a wee bit further than most, this one man band from south Australia wowed the tent and made more than a few new friends. He storied, he sang, and, he impressed.
White 4 530x353 - Loopallu 2014 Day 2 - Pictures
White – Three former Kassidy members have been joined by sometimes Garden of Elks drummer and a new front man. Drawing heavily on an 80’s aesthetic with genuine art-school shennanigans.
Hunter The Bear 2 530x353 - Loopallu 2014 Day 2 - Pictures
Hunter & The Bear – brought some welcome warmth into the tent with far-coast oriented country rock. Big full sound and delicious harmonies drew an equally big reception from the crowd.
Baby Strange 1 530x353 - Loopallu 2014 Day 2 - Pictures
Baby Strange – drawing heavily on traditional punk influences they have added a pop twist to soften the impact. Skinhead with a low slung bass and bovvers wouldn’t necessarily have been drawn to a punk crowd back in the day though.
Mark Radcliffe The Foes 1 530x353 - Loopallu 2014 Day 2 - Pictures
Mark Radcliffe & The Foes (yes the radio DJ) – brought a big English Folk Tradition set to the tent. Drinking songs for people who are drinking – perfect match. Great shirts and good humour.
Alabama 3 Unplugged 6 530x353 - Loopallu 2014 Day 2 - Pictures
Alabama 3 Unplugged -There might have been only four strings left and one song to go but by that time the crowd didn’t want them to stop. Sensational set
Shed 7 3 530x353 - Loopallu 2014 Day 2 - Pictures
Shed 7 reminded us what records were, reminded us that they had made some and reminded us what Brit Pop had been all about. Some big fans in the crowd singing along to every song.

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