Josephine’s debut video kicks off promising year

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Josephine Sillars has just recently released her debut music video to accompany her track “Hurricanes” , so it seemed like an appropriate time to have a few words with her.

Josephine Sillars 2 300x199 - Josephine's debut video kicks off promising year
Josephine at Jocktoberfest 2013

Starting off by looking back, Josephine has fond memories of 2013;  “2013 was excellent. The summer tour was incredible. Very difficult. Funding a tour off your own back is hard, but it was really great. My highlight was probably playing a metal festival. I was on the acoustic stage at Les Fest in North Lanarkshire. It was a weird gig because obviously I’m not metal, but the crowd were brilliant, and it was one of the best gigs of the tour.”

2013 has seen big changes for  Josephine as she has not been as active in Inverness recently, however she has certainly not given up playing, “I’ve moved to Glasgow. I’ve started at uni, I’m now in my second semester”.She adds with a great enthusiasm ” I’ve been gigging away like mad in the central belt” these include playing venues such as Pivo Pivo , Broadcast and Whistlebinkies.

The move down south, Josephine feels has had a positive impact “The move to Glasgow if anything has made me step up my game. The quality of music down here is very strong, and I’ve been playing in some great venues since moving – so, moving to Glasgow has definitely had a positive impact on my music because it has forced me to work even harder”.

Josephine Sillars 11 300x199 - Josephine's debut video kicks off promising year
” I’ve been trying to write more personally recently… but hey, there’s a new X-Men movie coming out soon so you never know…”

We spoke about song-making and perhaps unsurprisingly to anybody that has listened to her pop laden ballads, it is the words that come first “For me, I tend to start with the lyrics. I’ll work on the lyrics of a song for ages, I edit to death.” But for the tune it appears to be far more intuitive “The music just tends to come naturally. I often find that once you get to a certain point with a song they can almost write themselves!”.

Josephine songs in the past have been unashamedly nerdy with sci-fi references abound. One of our favourites being “Please Plead And Don’t Tell (Three Years Past)” which is inspired by District 9 a film that was perfectly described by Empire as “Think Cry Freedom with alien prawns”. Josephine notes a change of tone recently but not willing to give up on sci-fi completely yet “Well, I’m still a sci-fi fan and always will be, but my recent songs haven’t made any references that I can think of. I’ve been trying to write more personally recently… but hey, there’s a new X-Men movie coming out soon so you never know…”.

Given this current evolution it is perhaps no surprise that Josephine chose “Hurricanes” for her debut video. When asked why she picked the track she explained; “I chose “Hurricanes” because, firstly, I was really keen for my friend Fraser Coull (Silly Wee Films) to shoot the video, and he was keen for that song. Also, it goes down well at gigs and people seem to like it. I thought it made sense for it to be the first video.”

Onto the 2014 “I’m getting some new material recorded in early February and I’m keen to get an EP out this year” (since the interview she has confirmed via Facebook that she starts recording at KYOTI STUDIO soon.

“Gigging wise, I’m probably going to be sticking around the Glasgow area for the next few months (mostly because my uni course has started back up!) but I’m keen to hit some festivals in the summer. I’ve applied for goNorth, so we’ll see if anything comes of that – but if not, I toured once on my own, and while I might not do something of the same scale this summer, you never know!”

Check out Josephine Sillars’ website and Facebook page.

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