Proper Pirates Arrrrr

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Against All Flags play the Ironworks Easter Showcase on the 31st of March. We managed to catch up with the band aka Brodie on bass, President Venters on drums and Spitfire Stevens on guitar/vocals.

Final Naked Strangers 25 thumb - Proper Pirates Arrrrr
Photo courtesy of Katherine Sutherland

The band is described simply as “21st century pirate punks”, can you tell us a bit more as to the creation of the band?

Don’t think pirates like Jonny Depp, and Captain Pugwash, maybe a hint of Errol Flynn and Scarlet O’Hara…..

Think pirates like…. high speed boats heading to loot your town.

Don’t think punk like ….some nostalgia trip, think it like a valid response to current circumstance.

We have had a rocky few weeks, with line-up changes,  but  Against All Flags have set sail once more. We played at the Naked Strangers farewell last Friday, a momentous occasion, and we have gigs coming up in Inverness, starting with Madhatters this Friday

Come see us, and make your own mind up.

What drives the band to play?

Gritty determination in the face of everything, wanting to live before we die, fuelled by anger, disgust and bewilderment at the way things seem to be. David Cameron.  Simon Cowell. Flags. They make us cross. Grrr.

Where do you think punk as a genre stands in music now?

Its the next big thing I’m telling you. ….. nah… We have to be more than a punk band to be worthy of attention in 2013. Our songs are about today…..and today seems as bad as anytime I can remember.

If we come across as new and relevant, its worked. If it comes across dated, we will retire in disgrace.

How are the plans for the recordings doing?

Against All Flags are finding the right studio.

What’s on the horizon for the band?

Our  plan is to capture Danny Alexander and deposit him on an uninhabited Summer Isle  until someone pays the ransom.

You are also making your debut at The Ironworks in March, how are you looking forward to playing the Easter Showcase?

We will be totally zoned in on this,  and are practicing our swearing. Expect a rant. I have a feeling One Direction will feature. We are taking their release of One way or Another/Teenage Kicks as a declaration of war. My brain almost melted.

Why do you think you were selected for the showcase?

Someone with good taste must have checked us out.

Are there other acts on the bill you are looking forward to?

I’m sure it will be great, real music, real people, not the brain-rot that’s on your telly.

See the Against All Flags Facebook page

Future Gigs

Friday 22nd February Madhatters Inverness with the Russian Ninjas

Easter Sunday 31st March Ironworks Showcase Inverness

Tickets for Easter Showcase 

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