Late Landing at The Eagle

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Late Landing, joined by Naked Red, play The Eagle on the 16th of February.

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Hailing from Montrose, the established Hard Rock/Metal four piece released debut album, Caught in the Middle, last year. Winning fans in their local area they have decided to spread their wings, and were nice enough to speak to us:

What’s brought you up to Inverness?

We’re always keen to play new venues and new towns to try and expand our audience and add a bit of variety to our gigs! Inverness is somewhere we’ve never played before so we’re looking forward to it.

You’re on the bill with Naked Red, have you managed to hear them yet? If so, what did you think?

Yeah we checked out the music they had on their Facebook page and a few of the videos they have on YouTube. Good stuff! “Yes I do” was a personal favourite.

How do you describe Late Landing and how would you encourage people to come along to hear you play?

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It’s important to us to make sure we put on the best live show we possibly can as we believe that’s what music is all about. We always strive to put on an intense, energetic show and enjoy it as much as we can! People should come down and see us if they like a good atmosphere.

Having started playing in 2007, what are the highlights in your time playing together?

There have been a lot of highlights throughout our time playing together but the standout show for us would have to be our album launch last year. We had some of our friends come down and play and then we went on to what was probably the best crowd we’ve ever played to.

Maybe related, but given your desire to gig as much as possible this year, what is it that makes a good gig?

For us the most important thing is to have a crowd of people who really appreciate live music and love discovering new bands. It’s always nice to play to a big crowd but if none of them are into it then it’s just not the same. There’s nothing better than people coming up to us after the show and saying how much they enjoyed our set and having a chat with us.

What do you think of the rock scene at the moment? Are there any of your peers that you are particularly keeping an eye on?

The rock scene is still very much alive and kicking, despite the way it’s often portrayed! We’ve played with and been inspired by some incredible bands over the years who play music purely because they love doing it – as long as there are people like that around, live music will live on. We played a show in Dundee last year with a band called The Detours who really impressed us. Check ’em out!

You released debut album “Caught In The Middle” last year, how do you feel about the response to it?

We can’t believe how well the album has been received. It got up to number 30 in the rock charts in it’s first week of release which is just insane! It’s always a good feeling to get extremely generous reviews about something you’ve put so much time and effort into and are so proud of.

On Facebook you mentioned about the barriers to releasing a follow up, what are your hopes for another release?

We don’t have plans to release a second album quite yet. It’s a pretty expensive process when you do everything yourself! We’ve got most of the material ready for one and some of that is working it’s way into our live set, but our plans for this year are heavily focused on playing to new crowds up and down the country and expanding our fan base! We’re thinking of maybe recording and releasing a single this year but we’ve yet to decide where/when we’ll be doing it.

The album is available everywhere or iTunes, Amazon and Spotify now, and you can keep up with the band on the Late Landing Face book page.

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