Local Acts come together to raise funds for Inverness’s Women’s Aid

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Sisters are doing it for themselves upstairs at the Eagle Bar on Friday 18th January. Hosting a charity night for Inverness’s Women’s Aid. The girls who wanna have some fun are Emma Mitchell, Josephine Sillars, Jemma Tweedie and Sara Bills and the Hasbeens.

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Fit Emma ,Emma Mitchell, she runs fitness classes (well I hope she does or this looks plain wrong), is a singer songwriter with a powerful voice and a songs to match. My most enduring memory of Emma was when she captivated an audience at the third Ironworks Showcase in the summer of 2012. Her voice would have stopped traffic that night.

Josephine Sillars is a ,not so, closet geek who plays her keyboard atop an ironing board. With her hand knitted songs delivered with a mischievous smile she charms audiences wherever she goes. Josephine’s confidence belies her tender years, yet there is a playful innocence in her delivery.

Jemma Tweedie has landed on the scene making quite a splash. Well, she is from Nairn. Her debut EP hit the mark and gained a little airplay. Firmly grounded she is taking time to develop her talent. One to watch out for, well we thought so..

Last and certainly not least is Sara Bills and the Hasbeens. Sara’s enthusiasm for the local music scene is unbridled. Gaining a loyal following for stomping sets Sara will no doubt delight once again at the Eagle.

So, here come the girls, but this time they want you to dig deep into your pockets, and why shouldn’t you? For a worthy cause, these four acts are well worth paying for, so a donation, however big or small, is a small price to pay for an evenings entertainment.

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Frank Finlayson
Frank Finlayson
Chartered surveyor by day, music reviewer by night, and occasionally I get to use my camera. A strange mix, but one that I enjoy. A chance meeting in the queue for Bella in 2010 led to the opportunity to write for InvernessGigs; a far cry from the days of writing for a football fanzine back in the late 80s, early 90s. My interests lie between the mainstream, the emerging and the local. Increasingly I find that we have more than enough locally to entertain us to necessitate a trip south. I’m always happy to give a listen, whatever the genre. Inverness has a plethora of talent, all of which I am more than keen to write about. If it encourages just one person to make the effort to listen to some new music I’ll be happy. You can contact Frank direct via frankieboyfin@gmail.com

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