Lets Play God brings the Tad of Wrath

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We managed to catch up with the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band Lets Play God before their stop at Mad Hatters, Inverness on the 17th of March for their Tad of Wrath Tour.

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Having played such prestigious events as Hammerfest and Metal Gods festival and sharing the bill with the likes of Anthrax and Chimaira, having their music played on Insane Wrestling Championship and with a string of dates across Scotland this year, we thought we’d ask them what their winning formula is and what to expect from them when they come and play Inverness.

So guys, last year was a busy year for you lot. What were your highlights of 2012?

The bands been on the scene for a while but it’s took us a little time to find our feet. I think what’s really making an impact at the moment is we’ve accepted that the old business model for music is dead in the water and we’ve taken it back to basics by making DIY products and focusing on being a band that are completely self-sufficient. If young bands want any advice we’d tell them to start learning all aspects of the business and not just how to write a song.

And what was it like sharing a bill with such royalty as Anthrax and Chimaira?

Sharing the billing with them at Hammerfest IV was definitely one of our highlights of 2012. To sum the year up in a paragraph isn’t the easiest job. We’ve gone through a lot and learned a lot so the entire year as a whole has been one that will stand out for the band. But for now we’re focused on the future and 2012 seems already like a long time ago.

As far as heavy bands in Inverness go, they are few and far between which makes it easier to get gigs for the few but at the same time promotes a really small, tight knit scene. What‘s the vibe down in your home town of Glasgow for up and coming acts and how does that transpire into the audience at your shows?

Glasgow is unfortunately washed out with bands. Everyone and their mother are in a band and to get a true representation of whether a band are actually more than hype is sometimes very difficult. There are a few minor promotional companies and a few major ones. There are a few amateur promoters that are fantastic and others that are out to earn a quick buck so you always have to be vigilant. I think this over saturation of bands has made the patience of promoters AND bands very thin and has been detrimental to the music scene in Glasgow.

On your website you state that you have a brash attitude to the ‘dying music industry’ and a desire to not let obstacles get in your way.What has been some of the main challenges you have faced and how have you overcome them to get to where you are today. What do you think the state of play is with the Scottish Heavy Metal music scene?

The Scottish music scene is the best it’s been for a long time. There is a massive amount of bands that have the potential to do something serious with their music. The industry as we know it is dying whether people want to admit it, face it, agree with it or not and with that comes obstacles but only if you’re a band trying to get signed to a label. If your goal isn’t to be signed there is a whole world of services available for you to utilise as an independent artist. For us when we realised what we wanted everything fell into place.

You will be supported at the show by local band and Inverness Gigs ‘One to Watch for 2013’ ‘Toecutter’ who have had a promising 2012 and look to make some decent headway this year. Will you be looking forward to seeing their set?

Absolutely and having a drink with them too. It’s always good to get support from a band that can show us how they throw down in their home town and we’re looking forward to meeting all the bands who will share the stage with us over the tour. We’ll definitely be catching all the support acts sets and can’t wait to get a party goin’ with em. Toecutter be ready for shots!

Lastly, for those who have not seen you guys in action. What are the Inverness crowd to expect from your show on the 17th of March?

Well since this is our first time in Inverness we’ll be pulling out all props and tricks for the show. Without giving too much away there will be lights… probably cameras.. And definitely action! Save up your pocket money. It’s gonna be one messy night!

Lets Play God supported by Toecutter on the 17th of March at Mad Hatters, Hootananny, Inverness.

Keep track of the band on the Lets Play God website.

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