An array of local talent take up the challenge to cover a selection of Bowie classics, on Marchthe 21st at Hootananny, Inverness.

The evening throws up an intriguing mix of acts taking on their version of one of the most enduring and innovative acts of the last few years, and in fairness, decades.

Taking up the challenge and inviting us to let’s spend the night together are:

Iain McLaughlin & The Outsiders who are making a rare live appearance in between working hard on writing the follow up to We Are All Outsiders. Memories of their cracking reinterpretation of “Suspicious Minds” lead us to eagerly anticipate what they do with Bowie’s classic.

Proving that it will not just be all the young dudes , Mystic Shoes are “possibly the best party band in the North of Scotland”  and are certainly no strangers to cover versions, they are promising an innovative re-styling of David Bowie classics . Whilst Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned are clearly influenced by seventies and eighties rock, it’s more Meat Loaf than Bowie. They have however “promised to disassemble some of you favourite Bowie songs by kicking them down the raining stairs in Castle Street then like Frankenstein recreating them into an new type of monster while staying true to the poptastic Goblin King himself”. Hopefully they will not commit  rock ‘n’ roll suicide. Relatively new to the music scene, coming second in The Eagle’s battle of the band at the end of summer last year, Lionel will be bringing their own changes to Bowie’s songs.

Two solo acts; soon to be seen gaining fame on Channel 4’s Come Dine with Me, Red Ronson and frontman of local Foo Fighters tribute, The Foo Fixers, Kai Humphries complete the bill. Both are relishing the opportunity to play their heroes songs.

Originally planned for January the night comes at a perfect time with David Bowie releasing his first top 10 in the hit “Where Are We Now” without warning on the world.

So if your bored doing other things and want to Rebel Rebel, get along and see if there is life on Mars?

Tickets will be on sale from Monday January 28th 2013 direct from Hootananny, Inverness.

PS we got a bit carried away ,sorry, we didn’t want to use this fashion but we felt under pressure.

You can read our recent Toby Michael’s interview and Iain McLaughlin’s interview.

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