Last Summer Effect take on 2012.

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The precocious band were described as “Hard-working, Enthusiastic, Infectious” at the beginning of 2012, so what did they think of the year that was 2012?

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Who are you?

We are Last Summer Effect, a rock band from Dingwall and the Black Isle. We played a cover once, but we didn’t like it, so for years we have played all our own material.

We are:

Sir Chris Fox

Lady Michael McCulloch

Robbie Tranter of Elderberry.

Michael Bull, Duke of Dunny on the Wold.

King Stephen Bull

How has the music world treated you guys in 2012?

2012 has been great! We have had some of our best shows yet. Highlights have been when we’ve played at the showcases at Ironworks, where we got a great response from the crowd. And then Belladrum! What can we say about Belladrum!? Best weekend of the year. We were overwhelmed at how busy the tent was for us, and how up for a laugh people were. We’ve also had a great time in Glasgow this year, playing there several times, including the final of the Futures Fest competition.

What acts/gigs that you have seen have stood out for you this year?

Think we said this last year, but it still continues to be the truth, Purple Divide. Probably the youngest serious band from Inverness always impress us, notably at the summer showcase that they closed. ROADWAY were also superb this year, having seen them a few times also, notably good in Twa Tams, in Perth when we supported them.

Have you got a favourite album of the year?

Chris: Deftones- Koi No Yokan

Stephen: Canterbury- Heavy In The Day

Michael B: Fei Comodo- Behind The Bright Lights

Robbie: Dry The River- Shallow Bed

Michael M: Stone Sour- Gone Sovereign

What would you like from The Claus?

Chris: A girlfriend and a triangle.

Stephen: A van.

Michael B: A new (less handsome) brother.

Robbie: Loadsamoney.

Michael M: Everything.

Who are you keeping an eye open for in 2013?

Furry Vengeance! Will be interesting to see where they can go!

What are your hopes and plans for your music for 2013?

Play as many shows as possible, around the whole of Scotland and the UK.

Got anything to plug?

A few bands spring to mind. Check out Emilio Largo and Penfold, both great bands that you’re sure to see back up North soon!

Last Summer Effect will be playing their last gig of the year at the Ironworks Winter Showcase  on the 29th of December (tickets available at You can check out their up to date news on the Last Summer Effect Facebook page.

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