Rypeco productions have announced that a warm up for BFest called Wee B will be happening on the 26th and 27th of May, 2012, in Wick.

Ian McLaughlin 15 thumb - The Wee B

Following quick off the announcement that the Proclaimers will be headlining BFest later in the year (see BFest 2012 announce Headliner act), Rypeco have announced a smaller scale warm up gig that will see a wealth of local acts play.

Headliner for Saturday will be Robert Shields, Grant Henderson, Neil Davidson and Michael Devereux aka Finding Albert. On Sunday the headliner will be Iain McLaughlin & The Outsiders (for our coverage of the band please click here)

They will be joined by:


Crazy Cottage

Oskar Empire

Penguins Kill Polar Bears Solo Acoustic


James Mackenzie


Always the Sixth

Megan Blyth

Sid Davidson


Jamie Reid


Please note there have been a few amendments and the current poster is here

Wee B will be happening on the 26th and 27th of May, 2012 at the Blackstairs Lounge, Wick. Tickets are £15 per day or £25 for weekend and are available from the venue.You can follow the event’s Facebook page here.