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Messiane catch a few words with invernessGiGs prior to their debut at the Ironworks as part of the Easter Showcase on the 7th of April.

Messiane is Dean Kernaghan (Vocals), Finn Creaney (Guitar), Matt Cooper (Bass) and Laurence Johnson (Drums).

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Tell us something we don’t know about you guys?

Well first thoughts on question one would be we are four incredibly weird fuckers, wacky but cute, we’ve also created our own sport! It is called “YOBE!” more of that to come…lol if you know Finn then what do you not know about him…he has become a twitter fiend spewing abuse like Frankie Boyle. Continuously writing and producing his own music to the point of iNsAnItY. Dean, not a singer by trade…but naturally insane enough to flip out on stage and belt notes that make you bleed. A songwriter himself still learning and honing his voice and production. Along with Finn a fanatic pioneer of the infamous “YOBE!” and just plain weird.

Matt, Mr Reliable bass player, since joining he has become a natural part of the weird, generous person throughout and somehow always evades doorknobs!! Must be because he was a jedi a couple of centuries ago! Jedi blood don’t die!! how do you kill 2 birds with 1 stone…Laurence Johnson that’s how! he has been making some mad dubstep at college in Alness and at home. Fantastically gifted young drummer and gentle giant…the final edition to the band in 2011 and has filled MESSIANE perfectly!

How does it feel to be playing the showcase for the first time?

We all feel very privileged to be given such a desirable opportunity considering our gig inexperience and the amount of other talented bands out there competing for our slot. This is a very big moment for us, the most important thing is to keep this great momentum that we’ve built in practise, studio work, online and gigs going. We have been wanting to play in the Ironworks for years and its a bit of a dream come true… finally.

If someone has not seen you guys play before, how would you encourage them to come and see your set?

If you are a fan of bands like Pantera, bands that give you that electric energy show 150% balls to the wall pure fun, that’s what we are…the most fun we ever have is when we are rocking and that translates into the music…the speed and energy….its just what its all about! Its the entertaining atmosphere that grabs you and doesn’t let go, that’s what got us hooked on metal. Maybe you don’t like metal…maybe we can change your mind!

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Which one of the other acts, on the bill,  would you most like to see and why?

Well we would obviously like to see Zombie Militia, a band we have not yet seen but heard so much about. For a metal outfit up north they are certainly one of the driving forces. We have heard some good vibes about Them and Us too.


Who are your one’s to watch from the local scene at the moment?

With all honesty, us. In and out of Messiane we have been song writing intensely over the past two years, developing such a fantastic amount of original music. We aspire to gig as much as possible, that is our goal and through that be at the top of our game!

What does 2012 hold for you guys?

Already having released an E.P this year we want to continue writing both in MESSIANE and outwith, keep getting gigs as much as possible *hint hint* and rocking the shit outta the metal scene up north and hopefully with the other local bands, recharge the Metal scene in Inverness.

Have you got anything else to plug?

You can keep in touch with us through the following:


Tickets for the Easter Showcase are available via,

You can check out all our other Easter Showcase news here.

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