Roadway guitarist,Ross McEwen, plays in Nashville Tennessee with Ted Nugent Vocalist Derek St Holmes.

DSCN0237 thumb - Ross McEwen on stage with Derek St Holmes

Anyone reading the website regularly will see that Roadway pops up on the site occasionally (see Roadway reviews and interviews). So we were intrigued when the band’s guitarist, Ross McEwen, mentioned that he had recently played with Derek St Holmes.

Derek is the original voice on many of Ted Nugent band’s hits such as “Stranglehold”, “Hey Baby”, “Just What the Dr. Ordered”, and “Dog Eat Dog”. Following 9 years with the band, and a brief return in 1995, he made a permanaent move back in 2011. During his break he has contributed to albums by Michael Schenker (ex-Scorpions), Vanilla Fudge, sound tracks for “Dazed and Confused” and  “That 70s show”, as well as 2 albums with Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford.

During Ross’s adventures in the States earlier in March, he found himself in Nashville visiting a Music Education Institution on the same night that Derek was playing. After pulling in a favour or two, Ross was invited on stage,

Ross explains:

“One of my favourite things I’ve done in my musical professional life. My first gig out of the UK and its in Nashville, Tennessee with someone like Derek St Holmes!! Had a great chat with Derek after the show, a brilliant guy to chat to, he kindly gave me one of his albums as a gift. He’s back out on the road singing and playing guitar for Ted Nugent for the rest of the year which is awesome. This was a fantastic experience I won’t be forgetting!!”

Roadway will be playing Hootananny on the 24th of March, 2012.