Toby Michaels reviews 2011

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Toby Michaels has been on the music scene for quite a few years, although 2011 has seen him have an impact on the Inverness music scene as a solo artist.  So what’s Toby’s view of 2011….

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What’s your involvement in the music scene ?

Musician, music fan and gig attendee

How has 2011 been for you musically?

Personally the first half was slower than the second. but in the time of a year i have gone from playing a corridor in Inverness Midmills Campus to Supporting Electric Six at the Ironworks, and everything in between including Belladrum, Hoots, Cake, The Market Bar, Coffee Shops, Street Corners and peoples living rooms. And I have finally managed to record a CD to share with the world! All this whilst maintaining a youtube site that is really starting to drag in the hits. Its been incredible for me and nice after nearly 2 years away from playing the local scene.

On the local scene its been incredible too, its been great to see a new league of acts coming out of the woodworks and evolving towards the Ironworks, it keeps the current set of bands and artists on their toes and take their opportunities, because competition is increasing almost by the day. I am just fortunate that not many people are crazy enough to want to do what i do haha

Stand out artists for me… Zombie Militia, James Mackenzie, Iain Maclaughlan and the Outsiders, Ten Tonne Dozer(Shetland), A Thousand Lies(Newcastle), KOBI, Metaltech, Seed of Sorrow… jesus this list could go on forever. All due to the buzz in the scene at the moment.

What was the best local act this year. and why?

Not even possible for me to answer that, i have been impressed with almost every local act i have seen this year. They all have their unique charms that make me wanna come back again and see more

What was the best non-local act you have seen this year? I’ve mentioned the two on the list that do it for me… Ten Tonne Dozer and A Thousand Lies. Energetic, crazy, gifted and honest hard working fun guys. I cannot stress how important it is that we get these two bands back in Inverness.

What was your favourite music experience this year?

I am going to show my selfish side here, it is without a doubt supporting Electric Six, the review on here shows exactly how i felt after the gig. It was easily the greatest crowd i have ever played for and they put me at ease to let loose and get crazy on stage.

What do you want from Santa? 12 huge support slots, 11 contract deals, 10 new guitars, 9 million pounds, 8 times more fans, 7 roadies helping, 6 foot more beard, 5 pppinnnttt oofff guuuinneesss!, 4 rubber gloves, 3 red pens, 2 barrels of laughs and a Metallikazoo in the pop charts!

Whats your hopes for the music scene in 2012?

We continue to expand with more artists working hard and working with each other, but more importantly… MORE FANS NEED TO JOIN IN AND SPREAD THE WORD! Anyone who complains there is never anything on has no excuse anymore, as with all the showcases and gigs in inverness its hard not to find some music to check out. People need to just realise the internet is not where you find the true nature of music! its at the live shows!

What are your plans for 2012?

I shall continue serving the Gods of Heavy Metal with my Metallikazoo and protect you all from Soft Jazz. Other than that… gig, gig, gig…talk, talk, talk….record, tour and maybe eat and sleep every so often? haven’t decided whether the last two are possible yet

Got anything to plug? A musician plug?

Well if you insist…. you can get my first CD at live gigs ONLY! donation is anything you want cash wise to help with future recording and gigging. Follow me on Twitter @thetobymichaels, like me on facebook /thetobymichaels and subscribe and watch all my video on youtube /tobymichaelsofficial.

Thanks to Toby for his contribution and Thomas Bisset Photography for use of the image

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