Mark Dubanowski reviews 2011

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Mark Dubanowski is a new addition to our team and is proving a great acquistion to the invernessGiGs stable. With a great commitment to the rock and metal scene,it is ironic that we first met at The Side gig. So Mark what say you of 2011?

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What’s your involvement in the music scene?

I’m a musician, gig goer and, more recently, a rock/metal reviewer for invernessGiGs.

How has 2011 been for you musically?

Haha, where do I start?  I guess it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for me this year.  I’ve seen myself leaving my main gigging band, due to various reasons.  I still play and record music on my own, but I’ve found most of my time is now going into reviewing the rock and metal scene, after being introduced to the invernessGiGs team.  Since getting into the reviewing side, I’ve also started getting into gig photography.  I’m keeping myself active in the music industry, albeit from a different point of view, which is the main thing.

What was the best local act this year, and why?

Whilst not all of the members are from Inverness, I would definitely have to say Roadway! For me, they are one of the most solid sounding bands I’ve heard in a long time, and I’m looking forward to see how they progress as a band going into 2012.

What was the best non-local act you have seen this year?

I’ve seen so many great bands in Inverness, as well as other towns and cities in Scotland, throughout the year that I really can’t decide on just one.  Ten Tonne Dozer, Achren, Man Made Origin, A Thousand Lies and Threshold Sicks are all in my top five bands I’ve covered this year.

What was your favourite music experience this year?

I attended my first Bloodstock Open Air festival back in August, where I got to see a varied mix of different metal bands over the weekend.  Being able to be front and centre for Devin Townsend (my most favourite metal artist going right now) was a treat and a half!

What do you want from Santa?

I wouldn’t mind a ticket to Devin Townsend’s Retinal Circus in London next year.

What are your hopes for the music scene in 2012?

I would like to see a lot more different metal acts come up this way.

What are your plans for 2012?

I have a lot planned for my solo project.  Hoping to have a new album written and recorded, and even try to get a few gigs as a one-man metal band.  (All the cool kids are doing it nowadays!)  And, of course, I will be intending on covering a lot more gigs as a reviewer, as well as getting better at gig photography.

Got anything to plug?

You can find my solo project, Desecrator, at

Thanks to Mark for his time and commitment to invernessGiGs

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