Marc Davidson is the enthusiastic man behind band Thousand Stars, who was pleased to be given the opportunity to review 2011…

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What’s your involvement in the music scene (gig goer, musician, etc etc)?

Musician, Music Lover, Gig Goer all round music fan

How has 2011 been for you musically?

I started off 2011 waiting to jam with the band which would go on to become Thousand Stars – I had organised to rehearse with them for the beginning of January and in all honesty I didnt have much expectations after several failed jams with other musicians but fortunately I was pleasantly suprised and went on to form a friendship and a love of music which I had little previous experience in. Thank you Thousand Stars

What was the best local act this year. and why?

I’m gonna be unlike everyone else and be honest here – we all have our favourites but don’t want to go around and upset anyone , I think all the bands I’ve seen this year have been great in there own unique ways but no one was more so than The Boosts all be it short lived (BRING BACK THE BOOSTS) – their energy was electric and the guitar combos were something out of this world and I’m glad I got to witness it first hand! An experience that should be experienced first hand.

What was the best non-local act you have seen this year?
Manchester band Airship were particularly spectacular – they taught me a thing or two about interacting with an audience as well as showing an array of future anthems.

What was your favourite music experience this year?

I think again without repeating myself too much the first time seeing The Boosts live – having heard demos I was unsure as to how it would work but by god it did…

What do you want from Santa?

The return of Stereoglo and a possible reunion gig for 28Jacks (boys i miss the old tunes) , a new guitar (Fender Jazzmaster me hopes) and the return of Ceol-Mor (One of my favourite venues in Inverness).

(Couldn’t find a stereoglo vid so stole one of Urban Joe – Front man from Stereoglo)


What’s your hopes for the music scene in 2012?

I hope we continue to deliver an array of talented bands and some of our current top bands such as The Whisky River Band , The Outsiders and The Aquascene all get to play on the bigger and better stages they deserve. On a more personal note getting to see Thousand Stars amongst the bill at Belladrum 2023 would be a massive achievement for me as a musician ( never say never )ha ha!

What are your plans for 2012?

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Already got planned a launch of the new EP with Thousand Stars and a mini Tour to go with it in January – with the big hope and ambition of making Belladrum 2012

Got anything to plug?

Yes – Thousand Stars are days away from announcing info about there Tour, Ep, Possibly a new Track and much much more – Head to and like the band page – This would also help us on our mission to get up to 200 likes please!

You can next see Thousand stars on the 6th of January 2012 details here.

Thanks very much to Marc for his time.