Hello boys and girls, the end of the year is coming.

But, hey, back to last time I wrote… October finished with a great joint gig in Durness with Torridon. I think we managed to ensure only very limited photos have been made public, result!

rnr thumb - November Rhythmnreel catchup

November started with a weekend in the studio where we recorded 5 new songs. We are now maybe two thirds through recording with an estimated release date of May 2012 – it takes us ages, but hopefully good things come to those who wait. Its great to be recording new material and hoping that people will like it once we start gigging them.

November also took us to Switzerland for the weekend, a smashing gig in one of Geneva’s top music venues followed by a St Andrews Day Ball. This is the third time the band has been over and we just love it. We managed a little bit of tourism to the United Nations headquarters and spent a morning at CERN learning all about particle accelerators – we still haven’t a scooby!

The month finished with a lovely little wedding near Inverness and a homecoming gig in Dingwall. It’s great to travel around Europe but it’s also great to get home at a reasonable time occasionally, well if you call 3am a reasonable time, lol.

As I write we are midway through our December residency in Aviemore’s Hilton Coylumbridge catching up with some old friends. Great gigs, great crowds and great parties! The year will be brought to a close with a little festive trip over to see our lovely friends in Scourie and Gairloch, followed by a return to Aviemore for Hogmanay where for a change we will be indoors! It looks like we will be unveiling some of our new material in Scourie, so here’s hoping!

See you next month



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