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With follow up to ‘Home and the Wild Hunt” imminent, Woodenbox head to the Ironworks on the 25th of November, so we caught with them to talk about the new album and loosing a Fistful of Fivers…


How is the recording of the follow up to ‘Home and the Wild Hunt’ going?

The follow up is complete and we received the master today. I am so happy with the result. Its our first full production effort, as we did ‘home and the wild hunt’ ourselves in a college. So this one was a real treat with a few extra pressures of course, but that’s what has whipped the record into something which gives it an extra edge.

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How did working with Paul Savage on the second album come about?

I love what Paul has done in the past and we love the phantom band records especially. We are all into Chemikal Undergrounds whole ethos.

As we produced the first two records ourselves I really wanted a fresh approach to see what we could do with an outside perspective. Paul was our first and only choice for that job, if it was not him we would have done the record ourselves again. As i say though we wanted to try a different approach and it really has paid off…

You have returned to Woodenbox, after being Woodenbox and a Fistful of Fivers, why did you choose to go back to the band’s original name?

Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers came about as after Nick and myself were arseing about in ponchos playing shows around Glasgow and making spaghetti western beats and tunes.However we starting making some decent songs and Electric Honey asked us to make a record so we did.

Now we see it as a one album thing and our sound has moved on and it does not seem appropriate to label it under the same banner as ‘Home and the Wildhunt’.
So Woodenbox is the way……………………………….

How did supporting Alabama 3 go?

So we played with Alabama 3 last night. It was incredible actually, obviously for us its great fun to play on a bigger stage than we are used to.
The crowd were really up for it too and its nice to see some familiar faces come down early to see us.

Do you know much about the support acts at the Ironworks?

I think Sara has played with us at Hoots before last year, yeah really good and The Whisky River band sound way cool so look forward to hearing them on the night…

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Woodenbox supported by Sara Bills and The Hasbeens and The Whisky River Band play the Ironworks on the 25th of November.

Questions by Chris Lemon

Answers by Woodenbox

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