After interviewing Electric SIx (here) it was clearly amiss of us not to speak to Toby Michaels (aka The Toby Michaels) who will be supporting the band on 23rd of November at The Ironworks. We felt duty bound to right the wrong and catch up with Toby.

Toby thumb - Toby Michaels gets Electric

How does it feel to be supporting Electric Six?

Its an incredible high for me, a seasoned and fun band, still bringing their music to the world after so many people wrote them off as a “one/two hit wonder”.
Its a great feeling to be getting acknowledged by my pears too in getting this opportunity, probably the biggest so far in my music career.

You are a bit of an Electric Six fan, is there any song that you are most looking forward to seeing them perform?

Well everyone will go mad for “those songs” whether the band wants to be defined by them or not, they are fantastic tracks, but for me personally I hope to maybe hear Formula 409. its hard to pinpoint what exactly does it for me, i really feel the only way for people to to grasp its humour and musicianship combo is to check it out on the bands website, Dick Valentine gives a great explanation of it there that further warps your mind before listening.

What are the things you need to consider when preparing for the gig?

To be honest i think people can over prepare for these things, my set is a peculiar enough beast as it is, so i only like to keep a rough idea in my mind and just do whatever pops into my head on the night.

Though i do have a strict regiment of Rock Squads, power thrusts and scream battles against my reflection which are a key preparation that ALL musicians should use before a performance.

How are things going for The Toby Michaels, anything we should be looking out for?


Well you could find me on twitter @thetobymichaels and i might send you a twat. Or like me on and i might throw a book at your face. Of course you could always subscribe to where users shout “You Tube” at each other till the other submits, I am rather good at it though.

Of course though you can catch me supporting Electric Six 23rd November at the Ironworks where i will have a limited supply of my first Toby Michaels CD release, an acoustic session recorded at Mad Hatters earlier this month, i trust you it wont disappoint.

Just generally watch out for me though, i am a sneaky bugger…

Question by Chris Lemon

Answers by Toby Michaels

Photo by McIntosh Photography

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