Red Sky July play Mad Hatters on the 16th of November

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Red Sky July are more than the sum of the parts indeed judging the band by preconceptions based on Ally McErlain  his wife Shelly Poole,  and Charity Hair ‘s previous music will lead you to the wrong pathway completely. The Americana/ country band have recently released their debut album and they were nice enough to respond to a few questions…

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Given the success that you have had as individuals , with that can bring advantages and disadvantages, how do you think that impacts on Red Sky July?

The advantages are you already have some kind of profile and platform to launch from, good or bad it’s still a platform. Haven’t seen any disadvantages yet, I’m not sure our album is for our previous audiences anyway so we feel like we are starting again but people in the industry know of us which is a good thing.

How do you describe the music and change expectations, given the significant change in previous styles that you have had?

I don’t think there’s any expectation, no one was waiting for us to do a collaboration , we just wrote a great album for our own selfish needs based on what we all love , we would say it’s Americana but we entered the country charts at number 9 so we will call it a bit of that too , we couldn’t really help how it came out its a bit of all of us.

Are you happy with the description of Red Sky July as a “side project”?

Don’t mind the term side project but it’s actually not , Red Sky July is all of our priority , our other jobs are the side projects that we jump in and out of , red sky is everyday life.

The first words of your website gives an idea of the challenges that the band as a whole have been through (“after aneurysms, strokes, babies and long long writing times.”) How glad are you to be back playing?

Can’t even describe how good it is to be back playing , it’s good to be alive , to have each other and to make music

And of course there is the debut album, how happy are you with the results and the reviews it’s received?

The reviews have been amazing ,I can’t imagine anyone not liking it it’s way the prettiest music we’ve ever made , we hope we can keep playing it to people who like that kind of stuff .

It’s not been that long a time since Ally has been up playing, but have you any expectations/experience of playing at Hoots?

We come up north every year on walking holidays so we know Inverness well infact ally bought me to Inverness when we first started dating and he actually ate his first haggis there .

Again we don’t have expectations of playing at hoots as no one really knows us , we are brand new but we do know that everytime we play to a new audience we gain new hardcore fans . So we are really looking forward to it xxx

Red Sky July play Mad Hatters on the 16th of November. Tickets are £10 via Ticketweb or through Hoots.

Thanks to Red Sky July , Jay Taylor of Prescription PR and Steve Robertson of Hootananny.

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