Hamish Roberts will shortly be seen as part of The Soundmen at the Supper Club  Festival Launch Weekend (11th to 12th November). He has recently mad quite an impression at the Bute International Guitar Festival , so after a wee tip off from Rob Ellen we decided to have a word with Hamish…

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How did it feel to win won the Bute International Guitar Festival Open Mic competition, recently?

It felt amazing,and a perfect way to launch a solo career.

What did you think was the secret to your success?

Luck is probably my trade secret.

Can you tell us a bit about your sound and your influences?

I began as a metal head before discovering classical folk and jazz styles so my sound has something borrowed from almost everywhere, my biggest influences at the moment are Nick Drake, Dick Gaughan and Stephen Stills.

You have got a a slot at the Inaugural Supper Club event, are you looking forward to seeing any of the other acts on the bill?

I’m looking forward to seeing Brass Jaw as I have heard some incredible things recently.

What’s next on the agenda for your music?

Planning to get my first album finished and hopefully embark on a mini tour of some sort, got the lust for adventure again big style….

We have a lot of love for your collaboration with Emma Mitchell for the cover of ‘Summertime’, which track or tune do you enjoy playing the best, and why?


Haha summertime was one very spontaneous collaboration,next minute i know there’s an i pad recording me, turned out well though, i have a new track fresh of the press which is one of those tunes that just falls of the fingers, its somewhere between a ragtime and a jig  and I love playing it, looking forward to playing it live for the first time on Saturday.

Space Supper Club Launch Festival Weekend is on between the 11th and 12th November 2011.

Further details are here.

Questions by Chris Lemon

Thanks very much to Hamish Roberts

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