Following a successful gig at The Ironworks recently (see here) Christina Tatlow caught up with the The Sound of Guns….

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The Sounds of Guns are a relatively new Alternative/Rock band  with their stereotypical leather fuelled rock persona and majority of the band having long hair – would be easy to pass them off as an imitation! However this is clearly not the case having supported bands such as The View, Delphic and The Courteeners.

The band was formed  due to Simon’s (drummer) ambitions to carry on musically with Andy (lead singer) after a previous band failed subsequently meeting Nathan (guitar). Nathan’s role in the band was secured  due to his nice shoes (you can begin to gain a sense of what it’s like being invited into the Sound Of Guns world). That’s exactly what I experienced as I managed to catch up Andy and Lee (guitar) recently after performing at the Ironworks, Inverness…

CT: How was Inverness to play?

SOG: Scotland is one of our favourite places to play. The crowd is just ready for you when you come on stage and they love you for it.

CT: How is the fact that you are getting more recognition effecting your gigging?

SOG: In terms of our songs we are now inclined to do more mid-tempo numbers in our set. Our second album is much more mature sounding than our first ‘What Came of Fire’ and it’s a more laid back affair.

CT: How are you feeling about your new (as yet unnamed) second album?

SOG: We’re dead proud of it, and we mean that! Sounds cheesy but we worked dead hard on it. We did it in 3 weeks and was recorded in Bath; literally after we finished supporting The View on their tour and it was produced by David Ringer who’s produced all of the Manic Street Preachers…

CT: What was he like to work with… was he demanding of you?

SOG: He’s the man! He’s the most happiest and positive man you will ever meet! Any idea you have he’s willing to take it on board and develop it. We did our first album by ourselves so when we knew we would be getting a producer for the second album we were concerned we would get swamped and have our sound or the edge we have would be changed, but it didn’t happen.

CT: What would you say was your edge?

SOG: Honesty! We don’t f**k about and we have developed an emphatic sound that we’ve accumulated and want to exercise that even more. We just think it’s a natural thing and we chose 10 songs for our … album out of around 40 songs and Dave (producer) said to us we had to pick ourselves and he had us playing for 18 hours a day.

CT: Finally, What’s the long term goal for you all as Sound Of Guns?

SOG: Just to keep making really great records! To sell a few more… which probably isn’t going to happen? Carry on being friends and carry on being a great band…

Sound of Guns are on a current UK, for the full audio interview head to

Written by Christina Tatlow

Photos by Thomas Bisset Photography

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