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Review of The Side, Farewell Show @ The Ironworks 30/09/2011

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The Side are (or do we get used to saying were?) the epitome of the hard working band, with a level of success un-comparable in the area. The announcement of the band going their different ways still jars, from an objective perspective the sense of unfinished business cast a shadow over the announcement.

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In our experience of gigs, the turn out was the biggest for a local band at the Ironworks. Certainly it was a sell out, with the capacity being around 300 with more than a few not getting in. An impressive turnout and a true mark of support and respect for the band.

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The Side’s respect of their fans was seen, not only by the free DVD’s of their O2 experience but also the free champagne put on the train for those fans who travelled to the event.

The stage set up was the “on the floor” approach that has been used to great success for a number of recent gigs, the added extra was provided  by a big screen used to project various photos of the band , our favourite was George in Clark Kent/Superman pose.

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Without the use of a support band, the set was split into two 40 minute sets that saw a good range of songs from their career and showed the evolution of the band. There were quite a few surprise guests: part nostalgia and part thanks to the role that they played in the band. Indeed  it is worthy of note that whilst Ryan is the newest member of the band, at just over a year, the sound and quality of the band in it’s current form does make you think that they have been playing for a lot longer together.

The Side, in it’s various guises, held a sincerity with proceedings that bordered on poignancy especially when Winnie dedicated the last song to his son.

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During the last few songs we saw the band appear more relaxed although George’s promise of the band getting their clothes off did not happen, although Ryan’s bare chested guitar playing did bring a smile to our faces.

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It’s fair to say we will miss having The Side about (12 articles written about them on the site) and it’s hard to think that this will be the last time we will see The Side play together again, and the band policy of “never say never” leaves us with hope.

By Chris Lemon

Photos by Thomas Bissett  (1,3 and 6) and Lori Williams (2.4,5and 7)

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