invernessGiGs speaks to Slade from Munich

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Munich play Madhatters  on the 15th of October as part of their “Into the Rain” tour. We catch hold of Slade from the band and almost get too much information….

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You have been very positive about your time recording the forthcoming album; can you tell us what should we be expecting from the new material?

Since moving in to our haunted house together, it has enabled us to be very focused and surrounded by music all day every day. Having built our own studio down in the cellar, this gives us the perfect opportunity to spend lots of time writing and rehearsing. This has made the band so much tighter in every aspect of our music. Having these kind of facilities has allowed us to explore our music with out the constraints of time and money (if your paying for your rehearsal space). Don’t get me wrong about our studio, its not abbey road!, its makeshift and bodged but its got a vibe about it and that’s the most important thing.

Our music has always been about working and going in a direction that feels right and natural. I think for me personally I wanted to raise my own bar, I wanted to sing better, be more distinctive and unique, I wanted my words and messages to be cryptic but also allow people to relate to them. The new material has got everyone buzzing. We have a little bit of Electronica going in, some ball breaking bass and massively catchy hooks. it has all manifested into a new Munich sound that sits perfectly with the older Munich sound. I guess Munich mark 2. Everyone has raised their game to the next level. I genuinely can’t wait to tour this new material and to get peoples feedback.

What is the secret to achieving the anthemic sound which has wan you so many plaudits?

Other than 15,000 delay and reverb pedals! I think it’s about our approach, we naturally write epic, big sounding songs. I cant really explain the recipe or what we do exactly. It’s very much about capturing a moment and going with it. If it feel right and its what you do best then go for it! i want to write music for stadiums and festivals.

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How are you feeling about coming back up to Inverness?

100% can’t wait. What I love about Inverness is the energy about the place. People definitely live for the weekend in Inverness and enjoy a good time. It was mental the last time we were here, like a war zone in the middle of the town centre! We are very much looking forward to coming back. We tend to stay in hostels, so if anyone wants to put us up then feel free to get in touch x

If people have not heard you before, what song would you recommend that they listen to, and why?

Into the Rain – it’s one of our slightly older songs, but a song that is very emotive and epic in its own right.

Into The Rain – Remix by thisismunich

Have you got anything else to plug?

Well talking of plugs, I recently had to pay some money into each band members bank account. In the reference section (which the bank clerk will see) i put: REFUND FOR BUTT PLUG. Now all the boys bank managers think they are online purchases all kinds of weird stuff! hahaha

Other than that check out Munich on iTunes and download ‘where are you now’ – I love that E.P

Love you Inverness!

Munich play Madhatters  on the 15th of October

by Chris Lemon

Thanks to Adam Nicol, Slade and the rest of Munich.

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