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Liam Macleod is one of the youngest acts to get the opportunity to play at the Ironworks, we managed to get the opportunity to speak to Liam before his first ever gig.

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How did you get into the dance music?

My love of dance music first started out when I went to see Mr Hudson at The Ironworks.  I loved the sound and atmosphere they produced and from that moment on I fell in love with the idea of DJing and trying to create my own style and sound.

He was being supported by the LED and I just fell in love with the party atmosphere they produced and from their i just began to listen to lots of electro and house music

When did you start playing and how has that developed?

I started out with a program on my laptop called Virtual DJ when I was 13 and just loved the whole idea of DJing since then. I gradually improved my setup to CD decks and have just tried to get gigs from there on.

Can you tell us what your musical influences are?

My musical influences are the new generation of worldwide producers such as Skrillex, Porter Robinson and Lucky Date as well as the local producers like Mark Mackenzie. They all produce the genre’s I love and am aiming to achieve.

Given your age, is it a challenge to get an opportunity to play in front of an audience?

Yeah of course, the fact that i have to rely on pub and club licensing doesn’t help but that’s what i get for starting out young. I can’t expect anything else though due to my age, I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

How are you feeling about playing the Ironworks and what should people be expecting from your set?

When i first found out i was going to be playing I was shocked.  I’m excited right now but I’ll be nervous on Thursday no doubt. Regardless of my emotions I’m sure it will be a great night and it is a dream to be playing in such a fantastic venue.

What are your thoughts about the other acts that you are playing with on Thursday?

The LED and Count Clockwork are both huge influences of mine. I saw the LED at Belladrum at the start of the month and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a gig that much. I also saw Count Clockwork which was another highlight of the festivals for me and my friends. I love their style of music and they are exactly where I want to be when I’m that age.

We have seen you at quite a few of the Summer Showcases, are there any acts that you have particularly enjoyed?

Yeah I really enjoyed seeing Iain McLaughlin & The Outsiders and also Kobi. I was never a fan of that type of music but I guess listening to it live rather than on the computer has really changed my mind.

If people have not heard you before is there a track you would recommend?

I would recommend a track that i produced with local DJ Mark Mackenzie which is called ‘The Bomb’. It sums up exactly the genre I’m aiming to produce so hopefully people can expect more like this in years to come.


Mark Mackenzie & Liam Macleod – The Bomb (Original Mix) by Mark Mackenzie

Liam is playing at the final night of the Ironworks Summer Showcase on Thursday 25th August from 7:30pm sharing the bill with Count Clockwork and The L.E.D.

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