Grousebeater Sound System return to Cake

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We can’t help but notice how kind folk have been with their time, Grousebeater Sound System have been no exception. With a gig coming up at Cake, they were able to talk to us about “that” gig at Belladrum and their future plans

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It sounds as if the set at Belladrum was quite a challenge (GbSS were playing at the time the heavens opened on Saturday nigh) , did you enjoy the overall experience?

As challenging as Belladrum was, its still probably our favourite festival, and to be asked to be the last live music of the gig was an honour. The weather and technical difficulties just make it all the more memorable! (Still havent had the guts to try out my effects and see if they are still working though!)

You must be looking forward to an indoor gig, how are things shaping up for the gig at Cake?

To play a gig inside a club will be a bit of a novelty for us, as we have only played one gig indoors all summer, the biggest novelty will be getting a proper sound check, which makes a big difference to us, actually being able to hear onstage! The P.A. in Cake is a belter, and the crowd last time was brilliant. With all the hard work the Safehouse guys are putting in, I`m sure it`ll be a real beauty of a gig. We`ll get to play a good long set too, which always suits us more.

Combining modern dance with traditional Scottish styles, sounds on paper quite a challenge, how do you go about creating tunes, and are there any particular difficulties you find?

As far as our writing process goes, it is really different every track. We all come from such a different place musically, that we are never short of inspiration. Either we have a Fiddle or Pipe tune and then write the electronic part for that, or one of us makes the beat for the electronics or a guitar or bass riff, and then Pete (Fiddle) or Grant (Pipes/Whistles) come up with a tune. The only thing that slows down the creative process is the programming side of things, which can be a bit of a block to just jamming like most bands do to write.

After the EP release (The Gathering) in November last year, have you got any further plans for recording material?

We have several new tunes, and the standard of the production of the electronics is so much better than the stuff on the EP we are desperate to get back into the studio, and put down something truly representative of where we are now musically and technically. I would say watch this space, we will most definitely get something down!

For people that have not heard you, what track best represents you and why?

It is hard to give one track that defines our style, as we cover all sorts of electronica and dance styles. One track that I think we all feel is one of our strongest is one of the new ones, Chris Ross`s Jig, The only way you will get to hear that is by coming to see us I`m afraid!

Is there anything else you want to plug?

Our next big adventure happens almost immediately, with us heading off to Holland to Headline the 2nd Stage of “Folkwoods”, a nicely sized festival just outside Eindhoven. That will be a corker! Then, Cake in Inverness and then we will see what happens. I would imagine a winter of locking ourselves in the byre, with lots of Rum and our instruments, until the magic happens!

Don’t go near myspace/grousebeatersoundsystem, its crap! The best place to find us is facebook, as our own site is under construction currently (and probably for the foreseeable future, as Robin, our DJ, is one of the best web designers about, so following the skinny chef/ broken down mechanic rule, we are screwed!)

Current gigs:
Folkwoods 13 August
Cake, Inverness 26th August

Very available for gigs, just get in touch with Niall Robertson (details via facebook)

Many thanks to Grousebeater Sound System for their time.

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