Just a quick reminder, if it’s needed, that Rockness will be offering their early bird ticket price of £99 to everybody (and not just questionnaire completers) on the 4th of August, no time given for the tickets to be released, keep an eye on www.rockness.co.uk.. The price will also be offered in instalments, although no word as to the additional costs inherent in this.

DSC 5074 thumb - Rockness 2012 early bird tickets available soon

Virtual Festivals reported ‘To label Rockness 2011 anything less than a triumph would be blasphemy.’ although the full paragraph that the quote is taken from journeys towards patronisation before floating to contradiction, as it continues… ‘Not just for the 35,000 Scots who down their wee neeps and tatties for the weekend and hitch their sporrans sideward for the party, but also for the organisers who provide a savvy mixture of dance and rock (in that order) for the wild-eyed masses. The line-up may not be to everyone’s taste, but this highland haggis ain’t about to let a headline slot by Paolo Nutini spoil our disco spokes.’

There is no word as to how many ticket that will be available, although we suspect that they will be limited to between 5000-10000 tickets.