Mocky Horror Tribute Show, revealed

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Our Frank caught up with another Frank in the shape of Adam Aggiss, Frank n Furter of the Mocky Horror Tribute Show. Another act to tread the boards of the Venus Flytrap Palais at Belladrum this year. Adam is not just the star of the show, but also the director and we are really pleased that he took time out to answer a few of our questions.

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Could you give us a bit of background as to who you all are and how long you have been performing the Mocky Horror Tribute Show?

The Mocky Horror Tribute Show started out at the turn of the millennium as a live band with some singers doing the songs from the Rocky Horror picture show under the name “Transylvania” and over the years has since evolved into a playback cabaret show doing the same thing but with the singers more in character and costumes. We perform most of the songs from the film in pretty much the film order and try and give an idea of the story so the songs are in context with some specially written narration, there are usually 5 of us onstage covering all the characters in the show so we have some quick costume changes and some mix & match costumes to get this across. This has sometimes lead to what I refer to as ‘organised chaos’ onstage but that kind of adds to the fun.

I have been involved in the show since 2001 when I was originally supposed to play drums in the band but was doing my Tim Curry impression in rehearsals which perhaps sealed my fate. The live band got dropped around 2003 and I took up the reins of the show as a life long fan of the film and as an infrequent distraction from all the other bands I played drums for. What started as a bit of fun a couple of times around Hallowe’en for me has really started to grow in the last few years to something we are all immensely proud of.

Over the years we have had many people singing in the show including some that had toured with the actual Rocky Horror Show, but the lineup has been pretty stable for the last four years and includes Laines Theatre Arts graduates Amelia Armstrong (Magenta/Columbia) & Ruthi Brenton Jones (Janet Weiss) alongside Simon Dixon (Riff Raff/Rocky/Eddie), Simon Judges (Brad Majors/Dr Scott) & myself as Dr Frank n Furter.

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Over this time, what have been the most memorable performances and venues, and do you make many festival appearances?

We have performed at some odd places over the last few years including the Bram Stoker Film Festival, and The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists Conference. I remember a couple of University Student nights we have done in London & Chester as being particularly raucous but we have never played for a festival audience before and are really looking forward to Belladrum 2011. We were really happy to be asked to take part as this years Space theme ties in nicely with the Science Fiction aspect of The Rocky Horror Picture Show which is essentially a rock n roll musical homage to the B Movie drive in Science fiction and Horror double feature movies of the 50’s & 60’s

Are you going to take the opportunity to soak up some of the other entertainment and music when you are at the festival?

We are heading up to Inverness first thing Friday morning and head home first thing Sunday morning so even with two performances we are looking forward to seeing what the festival is all about. A friend of mine is playing for Frank Turner so I hope to catch up with him, a couple of us would like to watch Guillemots and I am a HUGE Deacon Blue fan so will definitely be catching their set on the Saturday night. We are all camping (sic) in the Tipi Field for the duration so we hope to soak up the atmosphere over the weekend and see some new things to widen our horizons.

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Your website states “delights and shocks “beyond any measure” with sixty sensuous minutes of wanton abandon”. Is this a case of leaving the kids outside the tent for your performance?

Now you mention it The Rocky Horror Picture Show has a lot of innuendo and also some overt sexual content in it. Considering Dr Frank n Furter is basically a Cross Dressing Bisexual Alien Mad Scientist and the story revolves around his “sexual awakening” of the all American couple and the creation of his perfect man it may not be something that EVERY parent wants their kids to see.

As for delights, the singing and acting on show is first class and the attention to detail will keep fans happy, plus who doesn’t enjoy doing the timewarp (twice), and the rest of the guys look great in corsets and fishnets, sadly I’m a 6ft tall, 13st man wearing makeup and women’s underwear trying to corrupt everyone to my twisted will, which shocks even me sometimes.

Our first show is at 11.30pm on the Friday so we’ll give it the full shock treatment, but as our second show is at 7.15pm on the Saturday we MAY tone it down slightly in case there are any kids around and give it a slightly more “carry on” style so as to avoid offending anyone….. too much! But basically if you don’t want your kids to see men in women’s underwear getting overly flirty with men and women alike, then I’m sure there are other things on to see and do.

And finally, do you have any tips for “virgins”?

Even if you haven’t seen the film or the original stage show and have probably only heard the Timewarp then that’s no reason not to come along. Richard O’Brien’s songs are great fun with lots of rock n roll tunes and we have a lot of fun onstage. I’m sure there will be a few uber fans there but it really is a show about, and for, everyone and everything. I think everyone should pop their Rocky Horror virginity at some point.

I would really like to thank Adam for taking the time to tell InvernessGiGs a little more about the show. For those looking for more information on the act they have a website at and have pages on facebook and myspace that are linked from there

Written by Frankie Boy

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