Pictures of Rockness 2011

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Please please, we do not want to spoil anyone’s fun with the festival and some of the pictures and description you may wish to discover your self if this is the case, please click here

Rock Ness 10 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011A picture is worth a thousand words, we were lucky enough to get a guided tour of the Rockness site on Tuesday evening (7/6/2011). It was the start of a mildly stormy night, but we have been reassured that they make for better photos. The weather,we have been promised, is due for a change (see here)

As you can see something’s do not change the iconic stage remains in the traditional place despite some early rumours to the contrary,one of the biggest impressions that we had is that of the size of the site, however this might just be because of the lack of tents and stalls.

Rock Ness 11 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

One of the things that you will have noticed is the VIP area has not been constructed, in actuality the VIP will be on the right from where the photo was taken, resulting in a great view from the area and continuing Rockness’ desire to offer as much value to VIP customers as possible.

Rock Ness 4 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

Another think that does not change is the M and D’s big wheel, perched at the top of the hill and ensuring the great view of the site.

Rock Ness 1 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

It was good to see the Arcadia team back and they continue to remind us of the Skoda advert and seeing the team in action on the build, have not changed our opinion.

Arcadia practice on a car


The build currently is a similar mould to last years with the 360 degrees stage, although having seen the current position it does look as if it is near the edge of the enclosure (we read somewhere that Arcadia was going to be bigger this year so look forward to seeing how it develops)

Rock Ness 2 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

The stage looks as cool as it does intriguing as ever, with the background consisting of the Sub Club Sound System (in a similar sort of position as the former GoNorth tent).

Rock Ness 3 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

Its interesting how eerie the build looks in the clouds, the use of the green fencing in the background helps give the impression of size.

Rock Ness 13 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

The Golden Voice tent will be the second stage and will host the likes of Groove Armada Present Red Light and The Cribs.

Rock Ness 5 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

We suspect the The Bacardi Get Together will be the structure that gives the most wow factor, looking somewhere between a luxury pad and something that the Thunderbird’s would  hide behind in Tracey Island. The current array of acts due to play there are here, and certainly the impression is that it will help reinforce the boutique feel to the festival.

Rock Ness 9 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

The photos clearly doe not do the  structure justice (especially with regards to the size an height of the building). The emphasis will be on luxury with a range of gadgets and features to help make your festival as comfortable as possible.

Rock Ness 14 thumb - Pictures of Rockness 2011

Last but not least is the new Rock and Roll Circus tent. It’s hidden away behind, where previously the camping had started. The additional ground does give a great added sense of space and far less enclosed than previous, dare we say a more belladrummy  feel.  We have been promised more music in the tent but also intriguingly other performers.

On the same side of the trees will be Howard’s End and again there was reference to having decade themed hours, How this feeds into the announced acts, it will be interesting to see.

Having seen the site, the emphasis does appear to be about giving a boutique and luxurious feel. Whilst there is still a strong sense of the music, it does appear that this year ,more than previous, is about a collective experience.

Pictures come courtesy of McIntosh Photography.and thank you to the Rockness staff that helped us to arrange this.

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