Abagail Grey Interview

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The 22nd of April sees Abagail Grey play the Ironworks to mark the release their second album, Apple Cherub Dove. We were lucky enough to catch Claire Campbell (Lead singer) and ask her some questions about the forthcoming album, the band’s imminent gigs and their plans for the summer.

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It’s been a couple of years since Long Case Clock Suspension , how do
you follow up on  ‘One of the best folk albums to come out of Scotland
this year’?

Long Case Clock Suspension and Apple Cherub Dove are very different
pieces of work and I feel equally happy with both. It would be lovely
to hear some praise like the above for the forthcoming record, so
fingers crossed the reviewers will be as kind this time round!

What should people expect from the release of Apple Cherub Dove?
We’ve had a minor delving into the realms of disco, also we have a new
drummer – Greg Barry, so this album is stylistically different from
the last but at the same point isn’t completely removed. The
production of this record was in the safe hands of Chris Geddes and
Tony Doogan so the sound is fantastic. It’s a very positive piece of
work in the sense that it knows where it’s going and isn’t in any way
wishy washy.

This month also sees the re-release of Long Case Clock Suspension on
vinyl, can you tell us a bit about the reasons for this?
We were approached by a record label based in Minneapolis, USA, who
wanted to release the record on vinyl – so there is no specific or
strategic reason. Someone wants to do it and believes has a market for
it and we’re really happy about that.

With your two upcoming gigs (Ironworks, Inverness to the S.I.R.
studios, Hollywood)  they provide a great contrast in audience and
environment, how does the preparation for each of the gigs differ?
Both shows require us to play the music to the best of our abilities
and deliver top quality performance – the show in the Ironworks will
be longer than the show in LA, it’s always more difficult to write a
set list for a shorter show, but apart from that we face the same
challenges for both.

It seems unfair to ask you, given the busyness of the next few weeks,
but what does the summer hold for you?
Not unfair to ask, the summer is shaping up well – we have
performances in the pipeline, mainly in the Highlands, we have recently
engaged the services of an agent who will work on our behalf to book
shows. Our main focus at the moment is the album launch and the LA
trip but we’re looking forward to returning to the UK to spread the
word of Apple Cherub Dove to as wide an audience as possible.

One final question if people have not heard you play, what song would
you recommend they listen to and why?
I would visit
our website and download our single Ice Disco and then watch the YouTube clip of the Soup Carrier , below. The two songs show a good range

Abagail Gray will be playing the Ironworks room 2 on the 22nd of April. Tickets available here

Thanks once again to Claire and the band for their time.

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