Following the recent announcement that The Boosts were to be playing the International Pop Overthrow Festival and subsequently the Cavern Club, we were really grateful to Paul, Jake, Colin and Mark who were able to take some time to answer a few of our questions:

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Q – What was the inspiration behind The Boosts?
A – The name and the idea of the band started at seshes ages ago. We just wanted to have a band that we could have a lot of fun with; we didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously.

Musically we try not to go by any rules, .i.e. we have no ‘front man’, we sing about anything and we like using local slang words. The music is quite different aswell, we never have two guitars playing the same thing at the same time, we use ‘question & answer’ rhythm patterns and any ‘solo’ on guitar is always a harmony one with the other guitar. The bass & drums are quite ‘dancey’ at times too.

Q – What’s been the highlight so far in the life of The Boosts?
A – It’s actually quite hard to pick out one single highlight out of so many, our (not so) secret gig at the Ceol-Mor, having a packed Mad Hatters sing along with us at Christmas time, being selected for the HAIL download card, playing the Ironworks etc, and we’ve really enjoyed the gigs we’ve played with the Whisky River Band – each night has been great, they’re good mates and a band we really like.

Q – The band are very positive about encouraging feedback from fans, how important has the fans support and feedback been?
A – Fan feedback is very important to us. We hear the songs so many times whether it’s during the writing process or rehearsing and we like people to listen to it with fresh ears and let us know what they think. That’s part of the reason we release our songs so soon after they are written and recorded. The fan support has been phenomenal so far, we are really delighted with the response so far from everyone! Thanks again guys!

Q – Can you tell us a bit about the background of your involvement in the International Pop Overthrow Festival?
A – We got in touch with the promoter and he replied instantly after having a wee listen to us and told us he really liked what he heard and wanted us at the festival and offered us a couple of slots.

Q – How are you feeling about playing at The Cavern Club?
A – We’ve only been together since the end of last year and to be offered the chance to play at the venue where The Beatles made a name for themselves all those years ago is really exciting! We’re all Beatles fans as well so we’re really looking forward to it.

The new recording of Take the Boys to Town


Q – If people have not heard of you, what song would you recommend they listen to and why?
A – It’s really hard to pick one song, we think all the songs have something unique about them and even from the feedback we’ve had from people I don’t think there is one particular song that stands out over the rest – although we do like the new recording of ‘Take the Boys to Town’ (above) at the moment.
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The Boosts upcoming gigs –

Newmarket Bar, Thurso – Friday 15th April – Go Surf Festival
Old Bridge, Aviemore – Sat 16th April Supporting Over the Wall
Box, Glasgow Sat 30th April
Ceol Mor, Inverness with the  Whisky River Band – Friday May 6th
IPO Festival, Liverpool – Cavern Club – Sunday May 22nd
IPO Festival, Liverpool – Cavern Pub – Monday May 23rd

And virtually they are:

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