IMG 0738 thumb - Mumford and Sons Ironworks 9/3/2011

invernessGiGs feels ungrateful, and expects the disdain that Chef boyardi treated Oliver with his request for more. You come out of some GiGs and honestly think thank goodness, not tonight at  Mumford and Sons and sincerely we want more.

Certainly the feeling appeared to be reciprocated (apart from a slight dig about theIMG 0725 thumb - Mumford and Sons Ironworks 9/3/2011 forthcoming Scotland England Rugby Game) with the band taking time to apologise for the absence from the Highlands for sometime. The set was scattered with new songs, making this tour feel even more special. The songs,some of them untitled were received well by the crowd and definitely showed more a sense of continuation than separation from the multi trillion selling Sigh No More.

Indeed it must be said that there was an immediate familiarity in the tone of new tracks selected to be played that allowed the audience to almost immediately relate to them. Despite Marcus thanking the crowd for “putting up” with the new tunes, there really was no need.

IMG 0724 thumb - Mumford and Sons Ironworks 9/3/2011The more familiar songs fell as a respectful sing-along, but certainly appear to have an edgier and harder feel that emphasised the passion that the band have for their music. They did struggle a little when they attempted a full acoustic song as part of the encore, which was a shame.

Robert Hicks watched the final few songs from the stairs and you can but wonder how many times he has asked Mumford and Sons about their availability for festivals in the near future and we would like to reiterate Please sir, can we have some more.

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