End of Year Review – Chris Lemon

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What’s your name?

Emos aka invernessGiGs aka Chris Lemon

Who are you?

I am the creator of invernessGiGs.

How do you fit into the music scene of Inverness?

I don’t really, invernessGiGs was created to challenge traditional ways of promoting music  and accessing news on the music scene in Inverness. It’s working!!

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What was the best bit of 2010?

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I have two: John Otway’s set at Belladrum 2010, showed a new audience exactly who this Otway guy was. In a world of manufactured tunes and persona, John’s wit and personality shines through his obviously limited music talent. There is also an underlying message in Otway’s story about challenging expectation and persistence that gives his work a certain depth.

Biffy Clyro at the SECC in December is a strange conflict to Otway, certainly a band of the moment at the top of their game. As a live band both accomplished and creative, they appear to have grown in stature as well as confidence. Shame about that X-factor thing!

What was the best live act you saw in Inverness?

Kirsty Mcgee’s appearance at Bogbain Farm In September was attended by five or six and could have been seen as a bit of a disaster.. After discussing the shortening or cancelling of the gig with the er audience, neither happened and instead it seemed quite magical hearing two musicians discuss the ups and downs of life on the road, interspersed with an impromptu acoustic set stretching 2 hours. She is well worth seeking out check Kirsty Mcgee’s website here.

What was the best Inverness band/act you saw in Inverness?

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A bit of a curve ball I am afraid, at the end of Belladrum the ukele karaoke is becoming a bit of an institution. Near the end of the normal display of enjoyable drunks and confident karaokeers, came a neat combination of both. The Side’s impromptu version of Living on a Prayer (given an extra obvious relevance after their support turn at the O2) showed a band enjoying and having fun with their talent. That’s what music is all about after all!

What are the plans for you next year?

There are plans and ambitions. Let’s start with the plans, there will be a concerted push for venues, promoters, acts and everyone else to continue to acknowledge the presence and value of invernessGiGs. We look forward to upping our profile significantly and have a few big plans up our sleeves.

Our ambition from a website perspective (and for those that have a geeky knowledge of analytics) is to cross the 500 readers in one day ( we have been close, but not yet), also to reach 25,000 usps and 200,000 page views.

Who should we be looking out for in 2011?

I will think that from the club scene Polymath and the L.E.D. are almost almost there and would expect them to being big things for next year.

I have liked watching Carpe Diem The Last Summer Effect develop and hope that they start getting a bit more credit: talking of which please listen to Locked Doors and Window sills, recorded live.

The other band that appeals to our laddish impulses is He Slept On 57, the recent EP release and coverage bodes well for 2011. You can see the EP review here.

Keep an eye open to for both Ceol-Mor and Cake, both have had storming years and both will hopefully consolidate and grow to continue to bring the best in local talent through the ranks.

Do you have anything to plug?

THE MAILING LIST !!! please sign up via the box on the left of the screen.

Oh and thanks to (in no order) houdi, brian, marion, marianne, frank, andrew, rikki, jay, david, darren, ben, terry, steve, michael, james, emma,fash,jamie, rory,dave, kirsteen, ally, rob, margaret, stuart, colin and the obligatory everyone else who has smiled, humoured, encouraged etc

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Chris Lemon
Chris Lemonhttp://www.igi.gs
A lifelong passion for music matched with a geeky fascination for social media and websites resulted in the creation of Inverness Gigs back in 2010. The aim of the site is to help promote, support and generally raise awareness of the local music scene.In fairness fifteen years of being a psychiatric nurse never prepared me for the experiences that we have had over the last few years and the evolution of Inverness Gigs has certainly been a steep learning curve.I currently write (less and less), edit and co-ordinate most of the Inverness Gigs activities.Occasionally seen on Twitter, and  LinkedIn, if you want get in touch you can contact me via our Facebook page.