Coffee Shop Review


Matt Sillars – Opened up the evening with some jaw dropping scales that beginner guitarists only ever dream playing, his brave sliding guitar chord changes captivated the audience and lured then in to a sense of Jimmy Hendrix meets Matt Sillars in a coffee shop scenario, it can be done, he proved it!

Emma Shearer – just arrived back from her Irish Tour and decided to bring back some of Ireland with her, taking in the traditional sites of Irish Folk Music and providing her with some inspirational rhythms to skip her in to the next tune. The fast German Clock winder accompanied by Hard Times emphasized the diversity and history of Irish folk music.

James Maybee – Projected his songs in a positive light to the audience capturing the essence of how music can make you think about life’s trials and tribulations and catapulting you into that self evaluation bubble, he played a nice compilation of rock acoustic music.

Howard – Has always got a funny lyric or two hiding up his sleeve, one minute you’re chuckling with laughter the next you’re listening to him play a kazoo involving several different melodies to strengthen the lungs to! This guy could play any instrument handed to him.

Neal Kinghorn – Has the fingers of an advanced typist which can run up and down a fret board quicker than you can say ‘Neal’s fingers are about to fall off’, he has a lovely husky tone to his voice and he can be just as quick at singing as he can be running up and down the fretboard.

Hamish Roberts – I could do with some guitar lessons off this guy, he played some beautifully original classical music intertwined with an array of rock and jazz melodies. My eyes started to strain after a while due to the speed he was playing at on the acoustic guitar and it was a beautifully made nylon acoustic guitar he was playing.

Maria Hall Band (Maria Hall Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals, Hamish Roberts lead guitar & back up vocals, Sue Sweeney Cello player) – The band carried on regardless, even though their cello player sue had tragically cut her finger en-route to the coffee shop, it must have been the large strings that did it! Maria and Hamish played a lovely arrangement of impressive covers including ‘Angel’ (Sarah McLachlan) which was angelically sung by Maria, Hamish played a song by Metallica in his own style and they also played songs personal to them which mirrored Maria’s personal view on her family, which was a delight to listen to.

Thanks again the Emma for the review!!

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