Emma Shearer’s Coffee Shop Session



 Matt Sillars & Tony Wallis – Matt and Tony blasted the night away with a bundle of complimenting songs bringing the night to life and branching us in to some swinging delicate dynamic and trust worthy tunes to sing to your hearts content. Matt and Tony joined in the Blues Jam and as always played immaculately and with passion.

 Fash Stewart – Fash brought some reflective moments to the evening reminding us of who we’ve loved and lost in life, but he still knows how to make us laugh in a sad situation. His sudden arrival in the blues jam brought with it some strange animal noises with a funny note or two.

 Liam McCormack – Stunned us all with an awkward silence beckoning us to walk out in to those Welsh Hills and scream ‘I love sheep’, which some may love or hate, but with his dark sense of humour and intellectual wizardy it takes a couple of songs to warm to his wicked charm.

 Oly Warriner – Is a very eager musician and pulled off an innocent version of ‘Basket Case’, his confidence is growing immensely in the blues jam and he certainly was on form tonight, playing some gutsy guitar riffs!

 Howard (fiddler – from highland hot club) – Howard showed he isn’t just a fantastic fiddle player but a lyrical opportunist with the wit and charm of a great Yorkshire man. The naughty nuns song made me laugh too.

James Maybee – He always knows how to reach out to the depths of your soul and take you on an in-depth journey of self discovery…

 Me – I played a lovely ballad all about love sick potions and how life should never be taken for granted, then funked it up with a bit of audience participation. The blues jam theme consisted of the Autumn Equinox, I’ll say no more on that one…